Posey with her brother, Brewster

  • Adopted: 06-01-15
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Carolina Belle is about as sweet a girl as you will find.

Meet Carolina Belle! Belle is a 4 year old tri-color field setter who weighs 35 lbs. Belle is about as sweet a girl as you will find. She loves her foster family and likes to be with them all the time. She likes to go outside for a little while, but she is ready to come back in after doing her business or sniffing around for a short time. She will come back in and hang out in whatever room you are in. If you let her, she will get on the couch with you and take a nap or watch your favorite show or help you root for your favorite team! At her foster home, Belle has a favorite chair that she likes where she keeps everyone company while they watch TV or play computer games.

Belle likes other dogs and seems to be fine with cats. (She has only visited a home with cats; there are no cats living in her foster home.) Belle can go to a home with other dogs or she can be an only dog. She seems to like being around the other dogs in her foster home, but she doesn't really play with them. She will run around outside with them for a short time and then she is ready to come in. When she’s really had enough, like when we had a visiting puppy, she will go into her crate for a break. She is actually a bit of a couch potato and not that interested in exercise beyond regular walks and running in the backyard a little. However, squirrels are on her "critter" list and are to be pointed and chased!

Belle is the cutest girl. Belle walks well on a leash - she will sniff the ground on her walks and do an occasional little snort, so her nickname is "Ms. Piggy." Belle is learning the house rules. She is coming along nicely with her housetraining. She will surf the counters and likes to chew things that are not hers when you are not looking, so her family must keep an eye out and not leave things about. Her foster mom is working on these behaviors but, for now, Belle is best left crated when no one is around. She does not mind her crate, especially if she gets a Kong with treats in it. Belle rides fine in the car and does not seem interested in getting out of the fence – she is much more interested in being where her people are. She would love to sleep by the bed (or in the bed) with someone who doesn't mind her snoring. Her slight snoring comes from an elongated soft palate, which was recently corrected with surgery. Now that her palate is shorter, Belle breathes much better. She should continue to use a harness when walking though. Belle also completed treatment for heartworm disease.

Belle will do best in a home where someone will dote on her. Belle's ideal home can have children, but they should be older as younger kids drop lots of things and leave interesting objects laying around that she can chew. If you are looking for a cute couch potato to dote on, then Belle is the girl for you!


Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki hope that sweet little Carolina Belle will soon find her favorite chair in a loving forever home!

Tracey & Allan Fogwill are sending lots of love and best wishes to Belle as she waits for a forever family to welcome her home.


Hello! We are ACES parents to the former Carolina Belle who is now our Posey. Could you please post the attached pic to let her foster and everyone who helped make the adoption and transport possible know she is doing well in her forever home? This is Posey and her brother (also a rescue) Brewster...Thanks so much!