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  • Adopted: 11-08-15
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Black & White ESX
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Personality plus!

Meet Langley aka Mr. Personality. Langley is an 18 month old 45 lb. setter mix. This handsome blue boy has a big goofy grin and a personality that won’t quit.

Langley loves his people so much that he wants to talk with you. Not just a bark here or there, but he’ll sit down and have a whole conversation. Ask Langley about his day and he will answer every question with a passionate vocalization. From moans to groans and yips to howls, Langley has a language all his own. If you start to lose interest, he’ll give you a bark and a nudge to get your attention. Like all dogs, Langley will bark at new things, both inside and out, but mostly he just likes to talk.

Langley is a social guy who will do best with an enthusiastic playful young dog to be his best bud. He thrives on companionship, but his puppy antics wear thin on mature dogs. While Langley does well in the house without being crated, he will be happiest with a family that doesn’t have to leave him home alone for a 40-hour work week.

This goofy boy has a curious nature to match his personality. From the butterfly in the yard, to the tennis ball under the table, to the fly on the wall, Langley notices everything. He loves to explore. On a walk, Langley will always take time to stop and smell the roses. The big grin on his face and the bounce in his step shows how much he enjoys it. Langley will watch the clothes spin in the front load washer, cocking his head from one side to the other. The same with action-packed TV shows; he gets so close that his nose almost touches the screen. Whatever you’re doing, whatever your other pups are doing, whatever anyone is doing, Langley will be right there with you. He’s curious about everything and doesn’t want to miss a second of the action.

Outside, Langley has setter instincts. He loves to chase the critters, whether it is butterflies, moths, flies, squirrels, rabbits, or birds. Langley’s unbridled exuberance is not a good fit for a home with cats.

While Langley will “sit” and “down” with gusto, a basic manners positive reinforcement-type training class would be good for him. He would enjoy a casual class where he could bond with both you and the other dogs, learn, and earn rewards, all at the same time.

Langley is as smart as he is curious. He learned the doggy door by himself within 30 minutes of seeing it. He eats in a crate and is working on opening the crate door to let himself out when he’s done. A couple more days and he’ll have that mastered. Langley learned his spot to sleep in the bedroom in just a few days, so he doesn’t need to be crated or gated at night. He loves to give you a kiss as soon as the morning alarm sounds. Waking up to that adorable goofy face will always start your day with a smile.

Langley is a smart, lovable, curious pup with personality plus, who will make you laugh every day. Is there a place in your heart for this special boy?


Margie & Peter Green hope that lovable Langley will soon be sharing his fun-loving personality with a forever family!

Langley thanks Bob & Margaret Radford for their caring friendship and support!