• Adopted: 10-02-14
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7 months
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Sweet, fun-loving puppy!

Meet Bella!  Bella is a very high-energy fun-loving, 7 month old puppy!!  Bella absolutely loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her too!!  She is 40 pounds and has one beautiful blue eye and one beautiful brown eye.  Every time she goes to the park she gets SO MANY compliments to her “stunning good looks!" Bella loves this attention.

Bella is very much a young puppy and will need a lot of exercise and attention at home.  She stays in her crate during the day when her foster family is at school and part-time work and she does really well. But when everyone comes home, Bella is ready to run and play!  She gets along really well with other dogs and would play with them non-stop if they cooperated.  Bella plays with a rambunctious Golden Retriever for hours, but her playful ear nibbles and jumping are a little much for her 7-year old foster sister setter.  Bella thinks little children are also really fun to romp with so she would be better in a home with older children.  She does great with the teenagers in the house.  Bella LOVES going to soccer games and practices and loves playing with all the kids on the sideline. She is okay with cats, but your cats should be ready for a game of chase now and then.

Bella does really well in the house after a really long run or walk.  If Bella hasn’t gotten a lot of exercise, she will find things to keep her busy and not always appropriate things. Bella is a puppy who still loves to chew and she will try to grab things off the kitchen counter when you aren’t looking (naughty puppy!).  A good puppy class would be great for Bella as she is smart girl and is just learning her way around the world. 

Bella is very strong girl but walks very well on her leash. She would love to go for daily walks or runs.  Bella would do great in a multi-dog household, especially if the other dog loves to romp and play.  Bella would also love to have either a nice yard or a dog park nearby to really stretch out her legs; running really helps expend her energy.  Bella would love to grow and play with her new family.


Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki hope that sweet Bella will soon be running and playing with her loving forever family!