• Adopted: 06-21-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 30 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Affectionate and sweet boy!

Introducing Pete, a 4-year old tri-color setter!  Pete is a fan of human attention, back and tummy rubs.  He is just the right size for snuggling (30 lbs.) and is more than happy to share his love. Pete is extremely people-oriented, affectionate and trusting.  He loves lounging on the couch with foster mom and politely asks permission to come up by gently laying his head on your legs/lap.

Pete is an easy going dog, but gets a little excited when someone comes to the door. He gets along well with his two foster brothers and one foster sister (they pal up and go pointing/backing and chasing birds/critters together in the yard). But generally, it seems to his foster mom that he would not miss them and would be quite happy in a family with or without other dogs.  He will need a home without cats. Pete lived temporarily with an 8-year old child and did fine with her, but he hasn’t been around kids in his foster home.

Pete's recall is good; he will come running in from the backyard when called. On-leash, he is doing quite well; starts off weaving back and forth a bit but he gets in stride and walks nicely as we move along. Pete is fully house-trained and does not get into things when left at home.  He has great indoor manners and has free rein of house with no problems.  Pete is extremely focused as far as training goes and will learn quickly with positive training.  See a video of Pete doing a sit and stay, and a video of Pete playing with his moose toy.

We've promised this sweet boy a comfy bed, full dinner bowl and loving forever family for the rest of his life.  Could you be his new loving family?

Update from Pete's Foster Mom:  I took Pete to the Masonic Home to work with him without others around. This place is like a college retirees, though. Well, because it being so pretty out, a bunch of the "oldsters" were out walking around. Every time Pete and I walked by an "oldster", they asked, "May I pet your dog?" Said you bet, but tell him to sit first. And my lovely boy Pete sat pronto on every request. He was so good with the older folks and they truly enjoyed him. It really made my heart soar to see their smiles when petting/talking to Pete.


Tracey & Allan Fogwill hope that sweet Pete will be relaxing in a comfy bed and getting lots of tummy rubs from his forever family very soon!