• Adopted: 06-14-14
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 37 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Playful, snuggler

Zephyr is a happy, healthy, playful, pint-sized, setter that loves to be around people and other dogs. She’s a pretty orange girl who at 4 years old weighs just 37 pounds. She is a true sweetie that will melt your heart. She's quite the snuggler and loves to scoot right up next to her people while watching TV or reading a book. She will bury her nose in you or into the couch cushions like she’s trying to do a hand stand.

Zephyr has gotten along great with both her foster brothers. She's been a great playmate for the younger one and has been polite enough to leave the older one alone when he's not in the mood to play. She loves being outside, whether it be lounging in a sunny spot in the grass or playing a game of chase with her foster brother. She likes to show off her pointing skills for the birds on the feeder too. In the house, she’s been quiet and relaxed. She’ll give warning barks if someone comes to the door.

Zephyr came to us with some basic obedience training and she is housetrained. She does well with positive reinforcement and has been quick to learn the house rules. She’s learned the words ‘outside,’ ‘walk’ and ‘upstairs’ (for bedtime). She’ll even sit like a good girl and shake your hand for a treat. However, she is not consistent with recall and the ‘come’ command. We have been working with her on calling her from the backyard, but she will probably need continued positive reinforcement for coming to you after adoption. She is also learning that jumping on people is not ok and she’s already shown improvement in this behavior.  Zephyr does seem to have some seasonal and food allergies. She’s been doing great on a high-quality food, with the occasional Benadryl if the pollen count is high.

Zephyr's been great around a house full of people with multiple dogs and persons of all ages. She even tolerates the cats that share the home.  She’s friendly with everyone, but it can take a few weeks before she truly trusts someone. She wants to introduce herself to everyone and get attention, but it may take a while before she’ll let you trim a toe or clip a matt behind her ear without a squirm.

Overall she's been a sweet, bouncy girl that brings happiness wherever she goes. She'd make a great addition to any active family.


Your little foster is doing great! She is really becoming bonded. She has been a great addition to the family! I just came down to Amelia Island, FL for a couple months and she had her first beach day on Saturday. She loved all the birds, her head was on a swivel. 



Bob & Margaret Radford hope that sweet Zephyr will be bringing happiness to a forever family very soon!