• Adopted: 05-17-14
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 27 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Petite and sweet bundle of energy!

Meet Harley, a small 27-pound two-year-old blue belton setter with a huge personality, sunny disposition and full-throttle energy. After playing for hours outside with her foster sister setter, she comes inside, tail wagging fast and furious, gets some affections from her foster parents, says hi to her foster brother setter, sometimes the cat, and then finds a place to grab a nap so she can be ready for her next adventure.

Harley arrived at her foster home ready to rock and run after living in an apartment. She definitely needs a good yard to run and play in. In just a few weeks in foster care, she has discovered the good life she seems to crave:  exploring the outdoors, getting love, attention and toy time, and having a quiet place to sleep when she finally collapses after a happy day of play.

Harley willingly goes in her crate when her foster parents have to go out and at bedtime, never once protesting with even a whimper. She is also housetrained. She doesn’t jump on people or furniture, though she will prop on the windowsill to make sure she knows what is going on outside. She only barks occasionally but will howl along when a fire truck or ambulance passes with sirens blazing.

She gets along with her foster setter siblings.  She likes to play and when she’s ready to nap, she’ll let them know if they get too close.  At first, Harley was obsessed with the cat in the household. Since this particular cat likes and does not fear dogs, Harley has learned to ignore him. She may not do that with a cat that flees and invites chase. 

Harley is fine with the 5 foot chain link fence at her foster home. She will need a fairly large yard to run, explore, “hunt” and just be a setter. Harley will also need a family who is around enough to give her adequate exercise – she is a young setter who loves to play.  Her new family should be ready for a setter with lots of energy and enthusiasm for life—and lots of love. Harley does pretty well on the leash, still wanting to set every squirrel and bird. Otherwise, she walks quite nicely and already loves walk time. She will improve with some simple leash training on each walk.  

Harley has won over her foster family and everyone who has met her. In this tiny setter is a huge heart ready for a forever home that will allow her to fully develop into the great companion she will be. With her precious markings and sweet, funny personality, she’ll capture your love. She will brighten every day with her fun girl demeanor and love of life attitude. 


Bob & Margaret Radford hope that sweet Harley will soon be enjoying many happy days in a loving forever home!