• Adopted: 05-08-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1-2 yrs
  • Size: 55 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A sweet, loving and joyful boy

Sully is a magnificent dog! He is a 1-2 year old tricolor boy.  Sully weights about 55 pounds, but his vet recommends that his ideal weight is closer to 65 pounds.  He is a good eater and is quickly adding muscle as he joyfully and gleefully zooms around the yard.

Sully is affectionate, handsome, charming and gorgeous! He rides well in a car.  Sully loves walks, and considers everyone he meets a long lost friend. As soon as you pick up a leash, he is dancing and woo-woo-ing in excitement. Sully is smart and eager - in just a few short weeks in foster care, he has learned his name, as well as several commands: sit, come, off, drop it, and no.  He is also delightedly expert in catching treats midair! Sully is housetrained and doesn’t seem bothered by loud noises.  He’ll go out to do his business no matter how hard it is raining. Sully does not jump up on people, but will lick you and sit on your feet while expressing his joy at seeing you.

Sully ignores our cats when they are stationary, but if they run he will give half-hearted chase.  Usually, he quickly gets distracted by a toy or smell and forgetting what he was doing. So his foster family thinks he would be fine with most cats. 

Sully is learning to play nicely with the dogs in his foster home. He loves chase, bitey-face, gladiator-style wrestling, which is a little too rough and tumble for some dogs.  He is also learning to share valued treats and toys.  Sully needs a home with a confident, easy-going dog who is willing to calmly teach him the ropes and put up with some silliness along the way.

Sully loves stuffy toys.  He likes to carry them in his mouth and would prefer to take his hedgehog on all his walks (and car rides).  He will leave his stuffies behind, when told to do so.  Once back inside the house, he tucks all his stuffies in his bed.  When the bed is full, he will lay beside it rather than get in bed and squash his stuffies. 

While Sully has come a long way in such a short period of time, he would benefit from a basic obedience class after he is adopted. A positive training class can be a great environment to bond and explore your new dog’s personality.  Sully will need continued help reinforcing the “come” command especially when out of the yard and, like many setters, learning to walk without pulling. Sully came as an expert counter surfer, but a simple “leave it” is all his foster mom needs to say to remind him to keep all 4 feet on the floor. When nobody is around, it would be best to crate him or remove all food from the table or counters.

Sully is very people oriented. Sully has been around kids and likes them, and he does not get over excited when they are playing around him.  However, Sully would be best with older children because his energetic and enthusiastic greeting style – big wagging tail and dancing feet - might be too much for smaller children.

Sully’s ideal day is a lovely walk followed by breakfast, bone chewing and a peaceful nap with his family nearby. Sully is like having an oversized pair of fuzzy slippers always available to warm your feet and your heart. Living and loving Sully is like having a furry shadow who thinks you are Betty Crocker, Einstein and Mother Theresa all rolled together!  Could you be that for Sully?


Bob and Margaret Radford hopes that sweet Sully is soon enjoying many ideal days chewing bones, playing with stuffies and joyfully zooming around the yard in a loving forever home!