• Adopted: 04-10-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 65 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Gentleman Jack

Jack is a very gentle and very sweet, 5 year old 65 pound Orange Belton English Setter. We've called him 'Gentleman Jack' because he is so polite and nice to be around. He is a mellow dog, rarely barks, very respectful of space, doesn't jump on furniture or go charging through anyone when he's in a hurry. He just wants to be near his people. Jack is happy to curl up by your feet and will follow you from room to room as you move about the house. If you sit down on the floor with him, he will bury his head in your chest and crawl in your lap (he's such a lover boy). When he's outside he loves to check out the birds and play a game of chase with his foster brother.

Jack gets along great with his two foster brothers. He knows that one is older and doesn't play much and that the other one loves to play a game of chase. He shares toys and food nicely. He's prone to chasing and 'setting' his feline foster siblings when he's feeling playful, but has shown no intention of hurting them.

As you can tell, Jack is very polite with new introductions. He's been happy to meet new people, and when he went for his checkup and neuter, the vet staff became enamored with him. He's quite content to sit behind the desk with them and be petted. He was a bit shy when he first came to his foster family and but opened up quickly. The longer he has been here, the more open he is and the less shy he is with new situations. He does need some basic obedience training; he pulls on the leash and is prone to counter surfing. He knows 'sit', but doesn't quite understand 'stay' or 'wait' yet.  Jack will try to sneak out the front door if you're not careful.

Jack has been a great foster dog to have around. He is very endearing and we think he would make any family a wonderful dog, whether it is a family with children, a couple or a single adult. Help Gentleman Jack find his forever home.


Zach Rieboldt's wish for Gentleman Jack is that he will soon be settling into a "happily ever after" life with a loving forever family.