• Adopted: 02-07-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5-6 yrs
  • Size: 27 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A sweet, mellow and happy boy!

Sammy is a good boy!  He is a sweet, mellow, happy dog.  This tri-colored setter is approximately five to six years old and weighs in at 27 pounds.  He is thin but not underweight.  When he arrived in foster care, he’d clearly never been inside of a house, but he has adapted very quickly.  Watching him navigate steps for the first time was interesting; he looked like he was walking through wet concrete.

Though he had probably not been around kids, Sammy is sweet and affectionate with his new foster kiddos (the human kind).  He is also playful with the other two dogs.  Cats were an unknown, but one of the resident cats walked right up to check him out upon arrival and he only looked surprised.  Since then, they’ve shared a food bowl and a cat bed.  He may have been an outside dog, but Sammy knows a comfy spot when he sees it.  In short, Sammy appears to get along with everybody. 

Inside, he has found a spot in the den where he likes to curl up; he hangs out quietly while his foster mom works.  He’s a polite eater, as shown by his sharing of his bowl with the cat.  He likes to play with a toy rope and tried to shake the stuffing out of a couple of the foster kids’ animals he found, but mostly, Sammy just sits quietly for a head scratch.   Even in the car, Sammy sits civilly in the seat looking out the window or curls up for a nap.  He’s a very mellow dog—especially for a setter! 

Sammy has minty fresh breath after a dental cleaning and his teeth are in great shape.  He is learning basic commands now.  Sammy’s catching on quickly to housetraining.  He’s starting to go to the door to go out. He’s strong on a leash for his size.  He likes bounding through the several feet of snow on a flexi-leash. It is fun to watch!

Sammy will be a great family dog with or without other pets.   He’s got a great disposition and seems very happy to be acclimating to his second-chance life.


Steve, Teri and Miss Sophia Sauer are hoping that sweet Sammy will find his second chance at happiness in a loving forever home very soon!