• Adopted: 04-28-14
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 25 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A warm heart and sweet soul in a tiny package

I would like you to meet little Miss Skeeter!  Her nickname is "Skittles" (sweetness in a little bitty package).  Skeeter is a 4 yr old orange setter with a warm heart and sweet soul.  She is a super small girl at 25 lbs.  Since coming to ACES, Skeeter has made some pretty big steps for such a little girl.  During her first week in foster care, it took all Skeeter's courage just to get off the couch and explore, but she has lots of love to share.   She loves to snuggle and give her people love.  Skeeter has begun to come out of her shell slowly, exploring her foster home and foster dog friends.

Skeeter loves to watch the bird feeders from the windows of the house.  She is a very birdie dog who loves to spend time outside watching the birds.  Since Skeeter is such a shy little girl, her new home must have a physical fence.

I really envy the forever family who gets to witness this girl's journey to happy house dog.  Snacks and toys are quickly becoming fun time!  Skeeter will do well with a family with or without children.  Because she is so shy, Sheeter would do best with older children in a quiet household.  She is a very gentle setter who would be a great only dog or would love another gentle dog to show her the ropes of becoming a family dog.  Skeeter's journey is going to be an amazing one.  You'll want to be along for the ride!

Skeeter has been settling into the good life as a house dog.  She is anxious to find a family who will shower her with love and affection.  She has a warm and loving heart and freely shares her affection to her family.  She is a sweet and calm setter who enjoys her days inside and outside.  She is the perfect house dog and greets her foster mom at the door when she comes home from work.  She is crate trained and leash trained.  Skeeter is a low maintenance dog...... All you need is LOVE to share!!


Margaret & Bob Radford hope that sweet little Skeeter will soon be starting her amazing journey in her forever home!

Tracey & Allan Fogwill are sending best wishes for Skeeter and hope that she'll be snuggling with her loving forever family very soon!