• Adopted: 01-13-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Playful, Cuddler

Rocky is a very sweet and playful dog.  He is a two year old liver and white boy, weighing 50 pounds.  If he’s not bringing you toys, then he’s curled up at your feet or on the couch next to you. He’s been settling into the routine of his foster home and learning when it’s time to relax and be quiet and when it’s time to go play. He is eager to learn and really wants to please you. He knows his basic obedience commands, but needs someone to be consistent with him. He’s still learning to walk on a leash without pulling and some other general manners, but he’s a quick learner.

He’s quite the talker with his grumbles, groans, harrumphs and occasional squeaks. He likes to make his opinion known. Fortunately he’s not much of a barker. He only barks when someone is coming up to the house, or if you’ve slept in too long and he’s hungry.

Rocky has gotten along well with his foster siblings, dogs and cats alike. The cats are worthy of a sniff, but he is otherwise uninterested in them. He plays eagerly with his young setter foster brother and it’s been entertaining to watch them play chase and tug with each other. He’s even gotten his older, less active, foster sibling to play with him. He loves to be snuggled up to his older foster sibling and uses him as a pillow quite frequently.

Rocky is quite a loyal dog who always wants to be where his people are. He’ll camp out in the well-traveled spots to ensure he’s involved in all the activity. Rocky is great with kids and would do wonderfully in a family with active children. He also knows the difference between his toys and the kid’s toys.  

Rocky will make a wonderful family dog, but he would also be a great hunting companion if someone is interested and willing to do the training. He’s a natural hunter and has a keen eye and nose for rabbits and birds. He’s got a wonderful point and is insistent that something is living around the base of the holly bush in the backyard.  He’s an avid bird watcher and can spend hours watching them on the bird feeder.

Rocky has quickly adjusted to living with his foster family and is now looking for a family of his own to enjoy playtime and snuggles. 


Zachary Rieboldt hopes that Rocky will be enjoying playtime and snuggles in his forever home very soon!

Lori Vrabel hopes that a loving family will adopt sweet Rocky as their loyal companion and family member!