• Adopted: 01-03-14
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Sweet, affectionate and playful

Bernie is a sweet, playful and loving dog.  He is a handsome 2 year old, 45-pound Blue belton Setter. Bernie is adjusting well to a busy household with kids and other dogs.  

Bernie enjoys playing with the dogs in the back yard, but he prefers spending his time inside playing with toys and chewing bones.  Initially, he was very curious about a guinea pig in the house but leaves him alone except for rare times when he decides to bark at it.  Bernie’s foster home does not have cats.

Bernie enjoys being near anyone in the family, especially his foster mom.  He rarely is far away and like a lot of setters, finds the most inconvenient places to sleep, right where the people need to walk!  He likes to snuggle and will get on his foster mom’s lap at in the evening.  As Bernie becomes more comfortable in his foster home, he will bark when he hears someone outside or when someone enters the house.  He settles quickly once he knows who it is or knows they are okay.  He quickly warms up to visitors.  Bernie likes attention and pets, but sometimes he does affectionately nibble on the person giving him attention.  His foster family is working on that behavior.

Bernie likes to eat and he gets excited at meal time.   He is learning it is not okay to take food from the counter, but he can’t be completely trusted to be in the kitchen without supervision. Bernie is working on his inside manners. 

Bernie will enjoy a yard to run & play.  He enjoys walks, but he needs to work on his leash manners.  He can forget his manners on leash and focuses all of his attention when he sees a squirrel or bird.

He’ll make a loyal family dog who enjoys playing in the yard but prefers spending time with his family. 


Tracey and Allan Fogwill hope that Bernie will soon be running, playing and cuddling with his new forever family!

Mary Hedlund-Blomberg hopes that sweet and lovable Bernie will find a forever home very soon!