Maddy in her forever home

Maddy in her back yard

  • Adopted: 10-11-14
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 39 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: petite. affectionate and birdy

Maddy is a 5 year old spayed female orange belton field setter.  Maddy weighs 39 pounds, and foster mom has been fattening her up since she came into foster care.  Maddy is a girl who loves to run and look for birds outside.  She is very birdy.  Maddy was an owner turn-in to a shelter because the owner was elderly and could not take care of her any more.

Maddy is affectionate and loves to be petted.  She has learned to sit, and her house manners are pretty good now.  She is crate trained, and we are working on housetraining.  She is doing well with that, but she will have an accident every once in a while.  Maddy can sleep quietly at night in the bedroom, but foster mom keeps the door shut when Maddy sleeps in the bedroom so she can tell if Maddy needs to go out. Maddy rides fine in a car and also likes children. There is an 8 year old in her foster home.

Maddy does fine with other dogs.  In fact, Maddy prefers being around other dogs to being by herself, and we think she should go to a home with another dog for a companion. However, she does not play nice with the kitties, so Maddy's new home should not have cats.

Maddy is calm in the house and only gets going when she gets outside.  But she loves to run, and she should be able to run around in her yard on a daily basis.  Maddy needs a 6 foot privacy fence.  She is so birdy that she needs this kind of fence to keep her safe. Maddy also pulls on a leash so she needs some work in that area. A basic obedience class might be good for her. Maddy loves to play with squeaky toys.   She will chew on one and carry it around with her everywhere.  And kongs with Cheese Whiz in them are a big hit with her too.    

Maddy has had her shots, is spayed, and is on heartworm preventative.  So she is all ready to go to her new home.  If you would like a birdy, little, affectionate girl and have a dog that would like a companion to run with, then Maddy is the dog for you!


We just want you to know that Maddy has joined our family in a big way...for such a little girl, she makes her presence known!! She is just wonderful and we absolutely love her..she gets along well with her big sister Monica... It's has all been good.. What a good girl and what a wonderful addition to our family.. Thank you to everyone that helped us welcome Maddy into our lives.


Doug and Karen Moreno hope that Maddy is chasing birds and giving lots of love in her forever home very soon!

Debra O'Day is sending lots of good wishes that Maddy finds a perfect forever home soon!