• Adopted: 06-22-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 32 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Young, gentle and beautiful

I’m Krista Belle, but I go by just “Belle."  My foster family says that’s appropriate because I’m a pretty girl.  Let me tell you I’m a 32 pound tri-color and am about 2 years old.

I am quiet but I’m not shy.  I love people of all ages and am good and gentle with them.  There’s a little fuzzy Chihuahua dog at my foster home and we get along just fine.  But when I am outside, that little dog keeps trying to run with me no matter how fast I run (and I run fast) and it is hard because she’s little and I’m pretty big, so I have to be careful.  When the Chihuahua goes inside, I play all out: I run, and run and run!  I love being outside, but I also come in when I am called after I have run for about 5 minutes (otherwise, I am way too busy having fun to come in). 

Inside, I am a lady after about a minute of running and checking things out (in case they changed while I was outside).  Some people might say I am high energy if they only see me outside, but I settle down quickly inside.  I am quiet in the house and like to lie down with or without a dog bed.  I am also good in my crate and sometimes when I am downstairs during the week (my dad works from home and his office is downstairs), I go into my crate and lay down if the door is open.  I like it there and I am very good in it.  

In the family room, we all hang out nicely and quietly.  Sometimes my foster sisters and I play with each other, but mostly we just lie around.  I even let them steal my toys sometimes and I don’t get upset.  We had a doggie visitor this past week and I had so much fun!  They said she was a granddog. I am not sure what that means, but she was young and about my size.  We ran together outside and inside!  (But only for a bit inside because it's not allowed.)  I also got along well with the human grandkids who came to visit for the weekend.   They thought I was great.  I also get along with the two cats in my foster home.  See, I told you I get along with everybody.

I like balls and old socks and toys.  I don't tear them up, but they sure are fun to chew on...I hope you remember that I am young.  I haven't chewed on any furniture, but I did find an electrical cord unplugged on the floor and decided it would be a good chew toy.  Oops.  Mom didn't get upset ‘cause she said it was her fault for not putting it away. 

Once, I barked at a noise I didn’t know, but I’m generally pretty quiet.  I don't bark outside like the little fuzzy dog does. I am a good girl, I am. My foster mom says I make a great pet.  I get along with everyone and am quiet in the house.  I am young and gentle.  And of course I am beau-ti-fulll!  I am, I am, I am...really, just look at my pictures.  

Krista Belle


Laura Lin hopes that sweet, gentle Krista Belle will soon be playing outside and relaxing inside with her loving forever family!