• Adopted: 10-21-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 38 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Deaf /100% Happy Dog

Hi my name is Lief and I am a one hundred percent happy dog. I’m one year old and 38 pounds and I’m orange and white. Everyone who has met me falls in love with me. “What a handsome fella,” they say.  I came to ACES as a stray; I was heart­worm positive, but I have gone through treatment.   So now I can get ready to find my forever home. Oh, and I’m deaf.  But don’t worry, I get along just fine.

I am a young energetic setter who is still in the chewing stage of life (but soon should grow out of this stage). My foster mom went out and bought me nice new puppy toys, but I prefer the cheap ones, like empty milk jugs or soda bottles (oh what fun!).  My foster mom said that I am very sweet, loving, and trusting.  I check in with a lot of kisses, and I like to get hugs and any rubs people are willing to give me. I am a good boy who can sleep through the night.

During the day, I love to watch the birds.  One of these days, I might just catch one.  For the last month, I have been on leash restriction after my heartworm treatment, and my foster mom had to keep me quiet. When I was on leash restriction, I learned to go to the potty spot and then worked on my leash manners on the way back.  I am still on restricted activity, but every day I am allowed to have more play time with my foster sisters. Since I haven’t been able to be active, I get winded easily.  

My foster mom says I am a smart little guy.  I learned the rules of this foster home, which include laying down, staying in place until breakfast or dinner is served, and when I’m done eating I go back to my place and wait until all my foster sisters finish. I learned to sit when I greet new people. And I learned not to fly out the door when going outside - I sit and wait until I am told it is okay.  I’ve learned all this using hand signals since I can’t hear.  I’m learning “watch me” (I really like this one but I get dizzy spinning around looking for mom’s face). My foster mom is trying to teach me how to play catch, with a few short throws.  I’m “catching” on, getting better each time.

Lief's forever home will need a special person, who will be able to continue with his manners and training.  Because he is deaf, he will need a physical fence.  Lief is eager to learn new concepts and will be patient with you.


Jeff Headley hopes that sweet, happy Lief finds his perfect forever home to help him continue to blossom and thrive!

Mary Loots is sure that Lief will soon be watching birds, playing catch, and getting lots of hugs from his loving forever family.