• Adopted: 05-02-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 8 mos
  • Size: 31 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Sweet, energetic and loving

Corry is a super sweet and very energetic eight-month old girl with lots of spunk. She’s a petite 31 pounds, but this orange and white girl never likes to pass up a treat or meal time. Her favorite snacks are bananas, carrots, and beef jerky treats.

When she came into our home, she was timid about going outside or into her kennel.  But Corry learns fast and after a few days, she was more comfortable doing both, especially if there were treats involved! She loves to be around people, so she doesn’t like to stay in her kennel for too long if she knows you’re around to cuddle with her. Corry still has a lot of puppy energy, so she loves to chase her foster sisters around the yard, play tug of war, or just run around the yard after birds. Chewing on bones or toys does help her calm down and she will sit quietly by herself for long periods of time just chewing away.

We know she gets along with other dogs if she respects the fact that sometimes they don’t want to play because they lack her abundance of energy.  As a puppy, she is still learning to socialize with other dogs. Sometimes if she sees a bigger dog, she will be a bit defensive if she doesn’t know whether or not they are friendly.

She has been around our cat and likes to chase her around until the cat lets her know that she’s done playing. The only contact she’s had with children has been with our one-year old nephew. Corry was in her kennel while he visited since we didn’t know how she’d do around him, but she just gave him lots of kisses when he stuck his hand in her kennel.

We aren’t sure what Corry’s life was like before she came to us, but she’s a very sweet girl who was in very good shape when she came to ACES.  Her coat is so soft and silky and she’s got the prettiest puppy teeth we’ve ever seen. She’s very loving and is quick to jump up and give hugs whenever she sees you.

This sweet girl would love a chance to join your family and love you forever.


Tracey & Allen Fogwill hope that sweet little Corry finds a loving forever home very soon!