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  • Adopted: 12-24-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3-5 yrs
  • Size: 30 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Loyal, quirky and loving.

Robin is a lot of setter packed into a tiny orange and white body.  At just 30 pounds, she’s a compact bundle of setter energy, all of which she uses to patrol the yard.  Robin is an active girl who loves to spend lots of time outside, constantly moving around the yard in order to keep tabs on everything.  Even though Robin takes her job as huntress seriously, she will come inside during the day and fall into a deep sleep in her dog bed or favorite chair to recharge.  It’s important to her to do one last round of patrolling at night so, while the other dogs are hanging out in the family room, Robin goes back to work one final time to make sure all is good in the yard before bed.

Robin was picked up as a stray by animal control, so her first 3-5 years of life will remain a mystery.  We do know that Robin was very anxious when she came into foster care.  Most of her anxiety resulted in her not knowing what to do with herself so she would pace and drool.  Crating her made her condition worse.  In the past several months, Robin has learned to relax and we no longer see any of her previous behaviors.  Robin takes a very low dose of anti-anxiety medication each day in order to keep her comfortable.  Her medication is easily refillable at any drug store and costs less than $10 for a four month supply.   Robin has no issues during the day when we are gone; she has free roam of the house with the other dogs.  At night, Robin nestles down into her donut bed and goes right to sleep.  She doesn’t realize that the bigger dogs are standing around her wondering why she has picked the bed that is three times larger than she is.

As Robin has become more comfortable in foster care, she has learned the benefits of being part of a family.  She now knows her name and comes to the back patio when called, even when she is deep in the bushes looking for critters.  She’s not really a cuddle bug, preferring to curl up on her own, but she absolutely adores belly rubs and will roll over whenever she thinks there is the slightest chance that a belly rub may be coming her way.  Robin has been a lifesaver for us by keeping our foster puppy busy.  She patiently lets the puppy chew on her head and ears and jump all over her.  She has recently begun wrestling with the puppy and the two of them will play for hours.   Now that Robin has experienced the joy of play, she has also been trying out some of the dog toys that are laying around the house.

Robin has really blossomed as an ACES dog and is looking forward to having a family and a yard of her very own.


Lori Vrabel hopes that sweet Robin will wiggle her way into the hearts of her forever family very soon!

Lee Miller hopes that Robin will have a loving family and yard of her very own very soon.