• Adopted: 04-21-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 11 years
  • Size: 34 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: easy-going, smart, low maintenance

Rudy is a beautiful, spry 11 year-old Setter. Don’t let her age fool you – this girl has a lot of living left to do! Rudy has most of the qualities of the perfect Setter:

Housebroken – check!

Smart – check!

Rides well in a car – double check!

Gets along with other dogs – (mostly) check.

Sweet and snuggly – check!

Perfectly comfortable to be left alone at times – check!

Sleeps through the night – check!

Happy to sleep late in the mornings – check!

And did I mention smart? – check!

Rudy gets along well with our other dogs for the most part, but she would likely be just as happy as an only dog. Rudy is very wise and understand dog boundaries quite well, but she also appreciates the same in return. (To be honest, she can be a bit of a diva sometimes, but maybe that’s just a privilege that comes with age.)

According to the original owner, Rudy has been around babies and children her entire life. She’s been around our 8 month old granddaughter and is always curious and gentle. Like many dogs, Rudy probably wouldn't like it if a young child poked or accidentally hit her, so interactions with young children should be supervised.

For an 11 year-old girl, Rudy is in excellent health and is the perfect weight for her size. We were originally told that she had a cataract in one eye, but our vet believes this is a spot on her outer lens due to an old eye injury. She is calm and low maintenance at home, but when we take her to the off-leash park, it’s a joy to watch her run around like a youngster! Although she loves the freedom to run, Rudy also stays close to us, checking in frequently, and coming when she’s called (did I mention she is smart?). Prior to coming into ACES, Rudy lived her entire life with one family. It’s taken her a while to adjust, and it has been a privilege for us to watch her transform into a happy Setter who is a member of the family. If you’re looking for an easy-going, smart, low maintenance Setter, Rudy is your girl. She would love nothing more than to spend her sunset years in the perfect Forever Home. Could this be with you??


Jeffrey Headley hopes that sweet Rudy will be happily running around like a youngster in her forever home very soon!