• Adopted: 03-09-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 41 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Youthful, energetic, well-behaved boy

Spike has a sweet demeanor and a strong desire to please. This three-year-old orange boy weighs 41 pounds.  He exhibits many of the typical charming English Setter traits, such as being a cuddle bug, playing and napping most of the day away, and singing his rendition of the setter-roo around meal times. Spike is especially cute when he snores softly by the fireplace and when he prances in place whenever he is excited.

Since Spike previously lived in a kennel, he is still adapting to house life and doing quite well at it. He is getting the hang of housetraining, learning to sit, and has been brave enough to go through the dog door a few times. Sudden, loud noises tend to startle him (e.g., banging pots and pans or slamming doors), but he usually rebounds quickly once he realizes what produced the noise. 

Even though Spike is crate-trained, he is such a good boy that he doesn’t need to be crated.  He sleeps on a dog bed at night and gets free roam of the house with his foster setter sister during the day while his foster mom is at work. He heels on walks and so far has been good at meeting new dogs and people.

Spike is just the friendliest fellow! There are no cats in his foster home so we don't know how well he gets along with them. Spike recently had a positive antibody test for Lyme Disease, which can be common in the Northeast. As a result, his kidney function was tested and the results were normal. The vet does not anticipate any problems from Lyme but recommends that Spike has an annual urine test to check his kidneys.

Overall, Spike is a youthful, energetic, well-behaved boy. All he is missing is a family to call his own.


Fergus (formerly Spike) is settling in so nicely.  Tonight he and the cat were sleeping bum to bum on the couch!  A little later he had his head on my son's lap when we were reading our bedtime stories.  He walks great on leash and is friendly to other dogs.  Bri made the tranisition really easy and he seems to be more and more comfortable with each hour. 

As of right now we are calling him Fergus....and he is sweet and calm.  


Steve, Teri and Miss Sophia Sauer hope that handsome Spike finds a loving forever family to call his own very soon!