• Adopted: 03-19-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18 months
  • Size: 32 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Cuddle up with Miss Congeniality!


Meet Daisy Jane, a setter with a winning personality full of sweetness and affection.  She is an 18-month old orange and white girl.  She arrived at her foster home extremely underweight; she is up to 32 pounds but she needs to gain several more pounds to reach her ideal weight (around 42 lbs.).  Despite being underweight when she came from the shelter, after only two weeks in foster care, she is becoming the healthy, pretty and companionable dog she was meant to be.

Daisy Jane is a cuddler when she is ready to rest, and a happy girl when ready for some fun, carrying around a toy or play wrestling with one of the other dogs. She gets along with all the other dogs in her foster home. 

She also does fine with the 4-foot 3-rail split rail fence around the yard. While she enjoys a good run around her foster family’s large yard, a medium yard would most likely work for Daisy, as she is not particularly birdy and enjoys hanging out with everyone inside just as much or more than romping in the yard.

While she will go into and stay in the crate at night and while home alone with minimum complaints and quick settling, her foster family now allows her to sleep at night either on the sofa or on a bed of her own like her foster brother and sister (Daisy’s choice).

She has also stayed with the other three setters now living at her foster home simply confined to the family room for up to three hours without incident or accident. Daisy is housetrained and will go potty on command.

Her foster family does not have children, but Daisy had fun one Sunday afternoon playing with some three and four-year-old little girls. After catching on to “no jump,” she was gentle with the children and eager to play catch and tug with all the dog toys.

Her foster cat brother loves dogs and has taught Daisy a lot about proper behavior with cats. A not-so-congenial cat could mean more family intervention until everyone settles in.

Daisy Jane is still working on “no jump,” but with reminders, and her eagerness to please, is learning this and other manners quickly. She sits very prettily for a treat and has learned that we “lay and not play” on the furniture. She will need work and training on the leash once she gets closer to her ideal weight. She has hardly barked at all.

Daisy Jane will quickly win you over with her precious personality, capture your love with her trusting, soulful eyes, and melt your heart with her sweet spirit. She has so much affection, and nuzzles everyone who bends to greet her. She is looking for a family of her very own to love the rest of her life and who will give her the love she so very much deserves.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet and affectionate Daisy will be melting the hearts of her loving forever family very soon!