• Adopted: 03-06-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 41 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Playful, loves riding in cars and going for walks

Hi! My name is Brandi. I am a wonderful 2 year old girl. I’m orange and white and weigh 41 pounds.  My original owners both were elderly and were no longer able to take care of me.  I found my way to my new home where my new foster mom taught me that there was more to life than just being an outside dog.  I’ve learned a lot.

I live with my foster sister Lilly, she is a Basset Hound and she is teaching me to be a little lazy, or maybe I am teaching her to play more.  I visited the vet and unfortunately we were told that I had heartworms. I just finished going through treatment. The 5 weeks of confinement were long and really gave me “cabin fever.”  Now that I’m healthy and feeling better, I am ready to get back to running and playing when I want to.

My foster home does not have kids or cats, but I’ve met both and am good with them. I am shy at first with children, but I warm up quickly.  I’ve met kids of all ages who visit my foster home, and I like to play with my neighbor kids.  They are trying to teach me to fetch. Cats…. Well, I have not been around many of those.  But I sometimes stay at my dog sitter’s house and she has a cat.  I ignore the cat for the most part, but I am still nice to them if they come up to me.  Pretty much, I love everyone I meet – people and dogs alike.  There are 3 dogs that live next door and sometimes my foster mom lets me go visit and have a play date.

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE riding in the car and going on walks. I am still learning to walk on the leash but I have come a long way. I am completely house trained but when it comes to eating, I am a bit shy. I prefer to eat by myself and sometime it takes me awhile to finish a meal.  

Now that I am healthy, I am ready to find a forever home.  I’d really like to have dogs around me, so I’d prefer a home with a dog who would also like to play with me. 


Hi, I thought I would give you an update on "Brandi" our sweet loving setter that we adopted from you a year ago. We received her just after finishing her heartworm meds. so she was very thin & fragile. She was welcomed by our 6 yr. old male setter "Jed" with enthusiasm & a lets go play attitude right away! She was afraid of the hard wood floors, stairs & anything that moved. After constant encouragement & love she runs across all floors & fears no stairs! We have taken her to many different parks to get her used to all kind of situations. She acted like she lived a very sheltered life prior to us & never exposed to everyday things. Jed took her under his wing & showed her how to be a happy English Setter! Her first check-up at the vet. went perfect! Heartworm negative with no signs of heart damage. She ate well & put on healthy muscle & fat in the first 6 months (about 6 lbs.) thanks to great quality food , daily walks & lots of playing in her fenced yard. She now looks & feels like a 3 yr. old should! She has finished basic obedience class & started a confidence class to get her past a fear of objects that move. She is doing well & found there are many other dogs out there with the same issues. She loves the training classes, all the other dogs & people! It has helped us bond better & helped me learn how to teach her to get past her fear of new things. My husband & I are extremely happy with her & are grateful to you for bringing her into our lives. She is the second setter that we adopted from a setter rescue and would never buy one from a breeder knowing how much more your setters need great homes like ours!

Thanks again for allowing us to adopt from you & hopefully we will get another in the future!


Pam Miller hopes that sweet Brandi finds a loving forever home where she can run and play to her heart's content!