• Adopted: 03-04-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 32 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Petite, gentle, loves getting attention and belly rubs

Say hello to MARIE!  She is a sweet, petite 3 year old orange and white (mostly white) female setter.  Marie weighs 32 pounds.  It may not show in her photographs but she is a pretty girl with soulful brown eyes and a very beautiful and expressive face. 

Marie gets free roam of the house and is a very good girl inside.  She has had no accidents/incidents whatsoever.  She is living with three setter foster brothers, whom she has wrapped around her little paws.  Marie likes having the boys to play with, using her unique bow, pounce and jump maneuver which gets those boys going every time.  She will call them out to the yard to back her up if there are critters, and those boys come running.  She will also go get them if they are hanging out in the yard by themselves. 

Marie walks great on a leash and rides wonderfully in a car. Marie is very gentle and takes treats nicely.  She loves getting pets and attention from her fur and skin family members.  Marie loves patrolling the yard for “critters” and birds. Once worn out, she will come in and get on the couch for belly rubs.  She likes her brothers so much, we think she’d like a sibling or two in her forever home. 

Would you like to live with pure joy and love in the form of this little setter girl? 


Marie, under her brothers' tutelage, has learned to bark when she has to go out and in (as opposed to just waiting for them to do so). She is now coming to me 90 percent of the time when called.  Marie is birdy, so when she is on point, she does not listen very well.  She also knows who is supposed to come in and out of the driveway and will bark when she does not recognize someone.

Marie follows her well trained brothers and seems to enjoy being part of a “team.” She’d do well in a home with other dogs or with someone who was home because she loves company.  Her foster mom works about 6 hours a day and Marie hasn’t been left for longer than that. 

There are no cats in her foster home, but she showed extreme interest in the vet at the cat.  Because Marie is so critter-focused, she might chase a cat if it were not dog savvy. 

Marie does not live with children and has not met many kids while out on her walks.  Marie is very gentle, but sudden movements from young children might make her uncomfortable.  


Laura Lin hopes that sweet little Marie finds love and pure joy in her forever home very soon!