Monty enjoying the snow

Monty racing through the snow

Monty enjoying the snow at the park

  • Adopted: 02-13-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: healthy, energetic and LOVES to run!


My name is Scuttie (or Scottie as my foster family has been calling me) and I am a healthy, energetic 100% puppy one year old.  I weigh 40 pounds and am a tri-color boy. 

I LOVE to run and play during the daylight and then behave just like a nice calm boy during the night time. I sleep really well in my crate and stay there until the family gets up without so much more than one or two whimpers. When I wake up, I love to eat and I love to eat any old dog food you give me. I am calm for a little while longer after breakfast, but then my engine wakes up! I like to run and run (and run some more) in my back yard.  I can really entertain myself for hours out there. I am really bird crazy; my foster family is amazed how I can track a bird from one end of the horizon to the other. I really would like a big yard to romp in as I can cover some ground for sure!  You can watch a video of me running on the ACES Facebook page.

I am really very friendly with all people and other pets. I love my kids here at my foster home, but I can get a little wound up so a baby or toddler is probably not the best idea. My kids here are 8 and up and they are perfect for me. I do adore my foster sister setter although she gets a little mad sometimes because I ask her to play a lot, nibbling on her ankles and her ears! I am a great dog park dog as I love to run and am not aggressive or possessive with toys, food or the other dogs.  I ignore the cats in my foster home most of the time.  I took a chance at sniffing once and received a nose beating from the resident Maine Coon.  Ever since then, I've been respectful of my kitty companions.

Oh, and I wag my tail non-stop, I am just really happy ALL the time. During the day if my foster family has to get back to life as usual with work and school I go in my crate and do fine, but am really very happy to get out and will need somewhere to run when I do get out of the crate. Even though I am just one year old, I am past some of the “puppy” stuff like accidents in the house, (only one since being here!) and I don’t chew things that aren’t mine, but I do need a little watching still.

So, if you are looking for a FUN, gorgeous, full of life boy without those puppy problems, I am your boy! I am here and waiting for you!


Debra O'Day hopes that sweet Scuttie finds a loving forever home with a big back yard for lots of running and playing!


Thank you all for assistance and support in the adoption process for Scuttie.  It has been one-day shy of a week and all is going very well. We have decided to rename him to “Monty”; short for Montgomery County (where the foster home was where he last was and the where he is now) & all for the infamous British comedy group Monty Python. It goes well with his British Flag collar. 

After an uneventful ride home, Monty met his grandmom and pop, as well  as the family of one of our references, who came bearing a stuffed duck that has quickly become a favorite of Monty’s. During the course of the week Monty has visited the dog park, taken a trip to PetsMart, become acquainted with the neighborhood via the daily walks he takes – this has included meeting and playing with some of the neighborhood dogs and friends of his brother Clancy, and meeting some of the kids in the neighborhood and becoming fast buddies with our neighbors, who let him out in the afternoon. The vet gave him a positive report, but noted to rest his paws a bit via limiting his runs and providing daily soaks so the pressure sores on his 2 hind legs can heal; this is going well and we had a fun time at the dog park today. Monty is getting used to all the sounds of the house and becoming more settled. He and Clancy are doing brilliantly together. As Karen knows they have comparable energy levels, despite the 9-year age difference and today Clancy reminded Monty that even though he may be more mature Clancy can still run faster than Monty. During the course of the week we noticed that mid-way through eating breakfast they switch bowls and eat from the others bowl; food is the same, expect still have some of the food Monty was eating while we transition him over to all of the food Clancy eats – guess they don’t want to think they are missing out – true siblings.

Monty has quickly claimed as a bird perch – it is the window boxes in our upstairs rooms. He loves going from room to room to see what is going on a tree level outside (see Image Gallery for a photo).

Thanks again for everything, we love having Monty as part of our family. 

Kathleen, Robert, & Clancy

UPDATE (1/14)

Here are some photos of Monty enjoying the snow at the park.