• Adopted: 01-26-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 yr old
  • Size: 55 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: The love bug

Rily is a young playful orange belton boy.  He just turned one in December, and weighs 55 pounds.  He's been a fast learner and is quick to respond to positive reinforcement.  Sit?  That was a breeze.  Wait? Even for dinner, no problem.   Come?  He’s there.  Down?  Getting better.  Settle?  Well…he is a Setter and that one will take a while.

Rily is comfortable with the crate and is house trained.  He's a quiet dog that isn't prone to barking, unless there's a good reason.  He has been quick to adjust to the routine of the house, sleeps all night, and he is learning when to play and when not to play.

Rily is such a love bug and a social butterfly.  Rily thinks the dog bed in the office is a nice place to hang out while his foster mom works from home, as long as he gets an occasional head scratch.  He is so happy to meet new people when they come to the house and wants to be wherever the family is.  He'll follow you wherever you go.  He's definitely a snuggler that loves to be tucked up next to someone on the couch or resting on their feet.  Rily is also known to snuggle up next to his foster brother on the dog bed.  He has been good with other dogs.

Rily is young and still has some puppy antics, so a little redirection is needed at times until he learns not every dog wants to play every time he does.  He's learning to live with cats, but is prone to chasing and barking at them. We have been working with him on this and he is getting better.  However, he would require consistent training to leave them be.  If you have a bossy cat that isn't afraid to take a swipe at him and the time to work with him, he might be just fine with them. 

Rily is looking forward to having a forever family that will love him as much as he loves them.  He promises to keep all the birds and squirrels out of the yard and make sure you have someone to cuddle with whenever you want.


Holly Christensen and Steve Krogulecki hope that sweet Rily finds a loving forever home and family to cuddle with very soon!