• Adopted: 01-01-13
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 1/2 yrs
  • Size: 34 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: very sweet, cute, and lots of energy

Josie is a very sweet 2 and a half year old orange girl.  She is 34 pounds, and is a puppy in an adult body.  

Before coming to ACES, Josie spent her life in a kennel. She may have been an outside dog all of her life but she is learning quickly about living in a house.   Some of the mechanical noises of the house were quite scary at first, but she is getting used to them.  She has learned that the microwave might make a lot of noise, but good smells come out of it (breakfast and dinner).  As she settles in, her foster mom has taken her on tours of the house.  Her foster mom calls it “shadowing,” but Josie calls it “having mom to myself.”

Josie has several foster sisters, who have been teaching her a lot.  Her foster sister Sophie has taken an interest in teaching Josie social behaviors, she corrects Josie and lets her know what is acceptable. For example, Sophie lets Josie know when the play gets too rough.   Josie is also learning that not all the toys are hers – she buries them in her crate, but then her foster sisters come and take them, so Josie has to hide the toys all over again. 

Josie’s foster mom has been working on Josie’s manners, and says she is smart and an enthusiastic learner. So far, she has not had an accident in the house and has learned to sit.  She has learned there is no flying out the door or pushing to get in.  Josie and her foster sisters like to play a game with their foster mom called doggie push-ups.  So, Josie has learned to sit and go down (and repeat) for lots of treats.   If there are no bird distractions, Josie is good about coming when called.   She loves to play catch and will fetch the ball and drop it for her person.  This helps curb some of her energy.  If Josie is truly good and tired; she will fall asleep and start snoring.

Josie's foster family believes she would be an ideal candidate for someone who is athletic and willing to take time with her. Josie has a lot of potential and her new family will enjoy spending time with her watching her grow and learn.  Josie would love to be with you in the backyard and go on long walks.   In turn, you will receive lots of kisses, lap cuddles, and an overall great dog.  Josie would benefit from a positive reinforcement obedience class and her family thinks she’d also enjoy learning agility. Josie would be the happiest with a home that has another dog.


Debra O'Day hopes that Josie will soon be cuddling and playing in a loving forever home!

Lee Miller hopes that a wonderful family will discover Josie and give her an opportunity to learn, grow and love!


I cannot hardly believe that Josie has been with us for two weeks already.  It surely has been an amazing couple of weeks.  First we changed Josie's name to Lily...she has transitioned to her new name remarkably well.  She is so very smart!  In the past two weeks Lily has overcome her immense fear of closing doors, just today she has mastered the doggy door (so now she is able to go outside and back in at will), and she met Dr. Smaller.  She has been on numerous runs and walks with us.  She is so proud of herself when she discovers her new abilities and freedoms.  She just makes us laugh.  Lily is very active and keeps us moving but at the same time she truly enjoys her cuddle time.  So far she has chosen me as her cuddle buddy - which of course I totally love!!! 

Dr. Smaller told me that Lily is a specimen of perfect health and behavior.  Lily was a very very good girl even hearing the other animals and greeting new friends while we were there.  Her temperament is gentle and loving.  She occasionally barks to let us know that there is someone outside or approaching the house otherwise all we hear are the jingles of her collar tags.  She shares the toy box well and is always in the mood to play.  Her amazingly good behavior is rewarded with lots of hugs, kisses and occasional healthy treats.  She is getting along well with our other dogs, Isabella and Daisy.  Her and Daisy can be found napping together, where one is the other is not far behind.  Her and Isabella are still trying to work out who is going to be the alpha dog but we are very confident this will resolve sooner than later as things are already beginning to settle between the two of them. We feel that Lily is the perfect fit for our family and love her so much already.  We can't thank all of you enough for finding her for us!!!  I have attached a few photos (see image gallery) for your enjoyment.


I just have to share how lovely Lilly is.  She is the happiest I have ever seen a dog be.  She seems to smile all of the time.  Her tail wag is nonstop.  She continues to be my shadow and I love every moment of it.  Last night it was not enough that she was sleeping in our bed but she had to be right between my husbands and my pillows - just to get that little extra loving.  She loves being in the car with me, going for long walks and even when I am working around the house she is right there.  She is very well behaved and well socialized now.  Rarely do we here her bark, no begging and no jumping.  She has certain toys that she carries with her but most of the time my house looks like a toddler lives here because of all of the toys she likes to take out of her toy box.  We have recently learned that she is terrified of thunder storms which really saddens us but we provide lots of reassurance promote security to her.  She has always been sensitive to sudden sounds but the thunder is very stressful on her.  There is rarely a moment that goes by that she is not getting loving from someone in the house.  Her happiness is infectious and no one can hardly stand being away from her for too long.  
We just love her to pieces!!!!  Enjoy the pictures.