• Adopted: 06-08-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 40 ilbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: good manners, likes long walks and likes to play

Hi my name is Buddy.  I am an orange and white boy, and I’m five years old and about 40 pounds.  I used to be a family dog before I found my way to ACES.  I traveled across a few states before I found my foster mom, and her four dogs and two cats.  I lived with young children in my previous home, but there are no children in my foster home. When I went to the vets, I found out I had something called Lyme disease, but I’m doing well now. 

I haven’t been around cats before, so I am a bit curious about them.  I want to play, but they let me know that’s not going to happen.  I would be okay with cats as long as they tell me to leave them alone.

I get along with my two brothers and sisters.  Don’t let them know I told you, but they are kind of lazy.  I have to try hard to get them to play with me.  I sometimes steal the ball from my younger sister and she chases me to get it back.  I do love teasing her and getting her to chase me.  When they don’t want to play, I’m content to run around the field by myself.  I love the doggy door but my foster mom thinks I would do best with a secure physical fence. 

I travel well in the car and love walks though I tend to pull a bit, but if you remind me to ‘walk with me’ I slow down.  I think I have pretty good manners – I don’t get into the trash,  I don’t make a mess in the house, and I sit and wait for my food (but if it takes too long I will speak up).

I used to be an early riser, getting up at 6 am, but here everyone likes to sleep in.  So, I let them sleep until 8 am before I give a gentle woof to let them know ‘times a wasting’ and it is time to get up.  I have my own bed on the floor because there’s no room on the bed.  If you were to let me up to sleep on the bed, I promise not to take up the whole bed and I’d sleep quietly.

My foster mom tells me that I smile a lot and I make her laugh when I do the “happy dance” and spin in circles at meal time and when she comes home.  I am always happy to see her.  I love it when she and I “talk” back and forth.  Because I like to play, a forever family who has an active lifestyle would be great for me.  I like long walks, but I also like quiet time and spending time with my people.  And now that I’ve learned to sleep in, I promise not to wake you up too early.


Steve, Teri & Miss Sophia Sauer hope that Buddy will be delighting his forever family with his "happy dance" very soon!


Hello everyone,

Buddy (adopted in June 2013) is much loved in our home.  Thank you for everything that you do to connect families with setters.  He is so much a part of our household it is hard to remember life without Buddy!