• Adopted: 01-09-13
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Young, energetic and sweet-natured setter

Jake is a very happy, playful 1 year old male blue belton field setter.  Jake was an owner turn-in to the shelter along with his mother so we know his birthdate and can help him celebrate through the years.  At 35 pounds, Jake is very healthy and very active.  He loves to chase a tennis ball and play keep away with it.  Jake also likes to play with toys and loves his squeakies.

Jake still has some puppy in him so he is very playful and would do best in a home that has another dog that likes to play.  In fact, since he was raised with his mother and is now in foster care with other dogs, Jake has always had another dog around so he only knows of homes with canine companions.  He loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home.  The other dogs in his foster home take their mentoring role over Jake seriously!  There is a lot for a young, spunky dog to learn and he is learning quickly.  Jake gets along with all other dogs, both male and female.

Based on one visit with a friend's cat, Jake appears to be okay with cats.  Like any playful dog, he likes to lick and sniff a cat so he needs a cat who would be okay with that kind of behavior.  Of course, it would be nice if the cat had its own quiet place to go to when it gets tired of Jake's attention.  Jake likes all people, including children, and is very excited to see his foster family when they come home.  He used to jump up a lot, but he has learned that most people like to be greeted with his four feet on the floor.  Jake is probably too exuberant for toddlers so we recommend that he go to a home with older children. There is an 8 year old in Jake's foster home who Jake adores.

Jake walks okay on a leash, but we are still working on that.  Like most setters, it's hard to walk calmly when there is so much out there to explore and sniff.  Although Jake is birdy and loves to run in the backyard, he also calms down quickly in the house.  He is completely crate trained and sleeps quietly in his crate at night.  Jake gets a Kong filled with canned dog food when he gets in his crate for the night and loves to chew on that before he goes to sleep.  If you would like a young, energetic, sweet-natured setter, there is no better dog than Jake!


Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki hope that sweet, energetic Jake finds a loving forever home soon!