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  • Adopted: 11-28-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 13 yrs
  • Size: 48 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Young at heart, all around happy girl

At 13 years old, you would think Tara is looking for her retirement home, but that’s not at all what she is thinking.  Certainly this beauty does her fair share of napping (doesn’t everyone need their beauty sleep?), but when she is up, this young-at-heart setter is UP!   Tara made us smile from the moment she arrived.  You know those fainting goats that fall over when they are startled or panicked?  Tara does a great impression of one.  When we would approach her, she would collapse on her side.  Ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, like go outside in the rain?  Down she falls.  Tara doesn’t topple over as much as she used to when she first got here, but she’s still known to faint at the vet’s office.

Tara also makes us smile with her happy dance.  This girl will tippy, tippy, tap all over the house when she’s excited.  Breakfast time?  Dad home from work?  Time to go out in the yard?  Dinner time?  Any time Tara is anticipating something, her feet start dancing on the floor.  Put her happy feet with her smiling face and you can’t help but smile yourself.

For a senior, Tara is in great shape.  Surprisingly, we discovered that Tara experienced an ACL tear that was never treated.   Even this old injury does not slow our girl down.  At least once a day, she will fly around the yard with the wind whipping in her ears.  We have her on Dasuquin right now as a joint supplement (cost about 60 cents per day).  We were also giving her Rimadyl as a pain reliever when she seemed to be favoring her hind leg, but she hasn’t needed it in more than a month.  Based on her appearance and activity level, we don’t think anyone would guess her age at 13.

Tara gets along with all of our dogs, big and small.  She’s happy to share a dog bed, but she will also take advantage of snagging the biggest, most comfortable dog bed all to herself.  She’ll look up from her nap and notice that no one is in the favorite bed…then, whoosh, she’s up and across the room, making herself at home before someone else does.

Tara is an all-around happy girl.  She would love to make you smile too.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet Tara will be doing her happy dance in a loving forever home very soon!

Debra O'Day hopes that Tara will find the biggest, most comfy dog bed in her forever home soon!