• Adopted: 12-25-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 yrs old
  • Size: 36 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Petite, energetic, birdy and beautiful

Dutchess is a precious 5-year old tri-color princess that is as kind and gentle as she can be.  She loves everybody and everything in her new life with her foster family.  At 36 pounds, she is a perfect size to cuddle with her foster parents.  She likes snuggling so much that they call her the “snuggle princess.”  But she is also a ball of energy and enjoys every minute of life now. 

Even though she had probably never been in a house before, she has adapted to it amazingly well.  She goes to the door and sits patiently when she needs to go outside, and is ever-patient to get her feet cleaned before coming back in the house on a rainy day.  Her natural curiosity has taken her into every nook and cranny of the house, but she had never gotten in to anything she wasn’t supposed to.  She loves to get out all the toys and plays with them all.  One of her favorite activities is playing “keep away” or “tug of war” with her sisters and a toy.  You should see them running along side by side with the toy in both girls’ mouths.   Or tossing it in the air and then scrambling to be the first to get it.  Actually running is another of her favorite activities.  She loves to run. Wherever her older sister leads, she follows, and then comes flying towards you when called, as if she has been on the greatest adventure ever.  She also walks on a leash and does pretty well if her sisters are on a leash alongside. 

She loves to sleep on the bed with her foster parents and two foster sisters.  She knows to wait until the bed is turned down and she is invited, before jumping up.  And she is so small and dainty (and strong) that she doesn’t really jump up.  It is more of a “float up.”  She then curls up right against one of us and sleeps through the night.  But as soon as someone gets up in the morning, that tail starts to wag and beat the bed like a drum.  She is ready for another day.  After a quick trip outside, she starts her “it’s time to eat” dance, spinning round and round.  She is a dainty eater, but a fast one.  Even treats are taken with such manners that you’d think she had been to etiquette school.  She was a bit scrawny when she first came into foster care, but now is a perfect size.

If the leash comes out, it is time for another “spin around” dance.  Whether it is riding in the truck, the car or the boat, or going for a walk or a run, she is ready!  If not, she is perfectly content spending her time chasing birds or butterflies or lizards in her big backyard.  When she sees a butterfly, she’ll go up on her hind legs and dance around, giving a little high pitched yelp like she is trying to say, “please play with me.”  But as much as she likes going, running and playing, she also will curl up on her nest for a nap several times during the day.

Since she came into foster care, every day has been full of discoveries – toys, treats, sisters to play with, a big yard to explore, running through the woods, even drinking out of a spigot.

Dutchess aims to please – and not just because she knows it usually leads to treats.  She is just a kind, gentle spirit who relishes all the love and attention that she now gets from her foster family.  And she returns it all in kind. 

The perfect family for Dutchess would have siblings for her to play with, lots of opportunities for running, a big yard to explore, and people who will spend lots of time sharing their love.  She will prance right into your heart and before you know it, you can’t imagine life without her.  


Wayne and Marion Simonsen hope that Dutchess will be tracking birds and critters outside and getting lots of snuggles inside at her forever home very soon!