• Adopted: 12-08-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 49 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Enthusiastic walking companion and well behaved in the house.

A Day in the Life of Nala:

Nala sleeps quietly in her crate or on the sofa until her foster family gets up in the morning, even on weekends.  Once up, she greets them with a stretch, a wiggle and a smile, then she zooms to the door. She surveys the yard after doing her business and will stay out exploring and playing with the other dogs. 

Nala loves her walks and does her waggle dance when she hears the jingle of the leashes and collars.  She has learned the command “scramble” to get in the car with her foster brothers, and she behaves well in the car on the trip to the trail.  Nala is a great walking companion because she is so enthusiastic about everything she sees: runners, bikes, squirrels...  She enjoys meeting people and is good with kids. Next it is time for breakfast, where she eats whatever is put in front of her with gusto.  Nala was overweight when she came into ACES, but with the freedom to be as active as she wants and a sensible diet, the pounds are melting off of her.  She has lost nearly a fifth of her initial weight and has acquired an actual waist.

During the day, Nala behaves well in the house.  She usually settles in for a nap and can even be left in the house for short periods.  She likes to throw her toys in the air and pounce on them, or hide them in the sofa.  Nala is inquisitive and companionable and checks in with her people frequently.  If someone is working on the computer, she loves to curl up under the table at their feet.

Nala’s afternoons are spent playing in the yard with other dogs, although she will happily come in any time for a cookie.  She can stand on her back legs like a circus dog for the treat.  She also gets along with the cats, although she is still too interested in their litter boxes.

Here are a few of Nala’s favorite things:

  1. Food
  2. Her people, especially her family
  3. The dog door to the backyard
  4. The sofa

Nala puts herself to bed around 8:00 or so, tired out after a busy day, and sleeps until morning.

Can’t you see her as part of your day?


Mary Loots hopes that Nala will be enjoying all of her favorite things with her new forever family soon!