• Adopted: 09-25-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2-3 yrs old
  • Size: 33 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Petite, fun-loving setter with a big heart.

Hi folks, my name is Regal. My foster mom says everyone wants to hear all about me!! That’s so cool. Some basic facts before I tell you about my story and what I like. I am a 2 or 3 years old boy, with the face of a puppy! I’m rather petite in size, weighing in at a whopping 33 lbs. And I’m the color they call “tri-color” with black, white, and brown.

Well, before I came to foster care, there is not much to say other than these nice people at the shelter called these great people at ACES and said I was special and needed a good home! No one knows much about me before then but life has been pretty grand since then.

My Foster mom calls me her "little man" but I have a big heart. I did not have any previous training before I came here (not that I remember) so we are working hard on it all - house training, leash training and basic commands. I’m getting pretty good at all of this good-dog stuff. I go to my crate at night, but am working on getting to stay out at night because I love to snuggle up with mom in bed! I enjoy my basket of toys and will pull them all out and play with each of them very enthusiastically. I do enjoy my foster dogs too; they let me snuggle with them on the couch for naps. I am not fond of cats and love to chase the local wildlife...... "SQUIRRELLLL!!!” is my favorite.

So, my ideal forever home……My forever home will have family that likes to spend time with me. I’m not really picky on how many of you there are, I just like to spend time with you. My forever home will give me toys to play with of my very own. I will be honest: I won't pick them up and put them away unless you teach me how. I do like to be outside to chase the neighborhood "SQUIRRELLL", so I hope you won't mind a little of that. Please, my home won’t have any cats! No offense to all you cat lovers, but that just won't work for me. Since I am a little guy, you don't even have to have a big place - I’d fit just about anywhere. Please help me keep on learning my basic commands. I would even agree to obedience classes, I am easy that way. I am good with other dogs or will do great with just you and me. And one last thing I want, "LOVE"!

Drop me a line as I am enthusiastically awaiting my Forever Home.

Signed, Regal


Doug & Karen Moreno hope that Regal finds lots of love in his forever home very soon!