• Adopted: 09-06-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3-5 yrs
  • Size: 39 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: An unbelievably cute and lovable snuggle- setter

Hi my name is Romeo and told I’m unbelievably cute!  I’m liver colored.  Oh, before I forget I weigh a whopping 39 pounds.  I have very large brown eyes that will follow you all over the room.  And, furthermore I will follow you all over the house.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is snuggle up with any human.  And when you pet my head I’ll gaze at you with my adoring eyes (it really works to keep the pets coming).  I’m a little on the small size which some people may really like.  However, my ears are big-dog sized.  I have very large (and I do mean very large) floppy brown ears. My foster parents say it is part of my charm.

So here is my story.  Not so long ago my owners, for some odd reason, dumped me in the back yard of this nice man.  Can you imagine the look on his face when he found me?  There I was just hanging out in his back yard?  Well, of course I shot him that “look how cute I am” look and he scooped me up with lots of love.  Well the first thing he did was get me all cleaned up.  I was a mess.  My fur was all knotted up, my teeth were in need of cleaning and wow did I need a bath. 

Well the poor man has a very sick mama so he tried real hard to keep me but he had too much on his plate.  So, he found this nice lady who called ACES and now I’m a foster dog.  Well that has turned out to be fantastic!  I have four foster brothers and sisters.  The “Bros” as I call them are both English Setters – Maxie and Kasey.  And, wouldn’t you know it both were adopted through ACES.  I knew my luck was changing when they told me that.  The “Girls” are really pretty even though they aren’t setters.  Both are called Golden Retrievers – Abbey and Jackie.  Abby thinks she might be my Mama.  Well as least she acts that way.  I don’t really mind.

One of my foster Dads took me to the vet the other day.  Even she, the vet, thought I was really cute.  She thinks I’m about 3 years old.  That sounds about right to me.  She also found out that I have a slight ear infection. Well now Dad cleans my ear out every night and then puts some medicine in.  My ear is starting to feel a lot better.

One of the real cool things about this house is the doggie door.  I can go in and out when I want.  However, there are those times when I like to have the door held open for me.  After all I am a foster and am still gaining my confidence.

Now for my wish list for my “fur-ever” home:  It would be nice to have another dog to play with but it’s not totally necessary as long as there is a nice lap for me.  Also, the doggie door thing is cool. Sometimes I like to have a little wet food with my kibble.  And, most of all I need a Mom and/or Dad that will let me snuggle up.

Well that does it for me.  I hope one of you nice people out there like my story and want to adopt me.  I promise you’ll love me a lot!  You know why – because I’m loveable.


Lori Vrabel hopes that Romeo will be snuggling with his forever family very soon!