• Adopted: 08-15-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21 months
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Lovable with a zest for life

Doki is a big, bright, 21-month-old blue belton 45 pound setter with a zest for life and a personality to match. Rescued from a shelter as an owner turn-in along with his brother, Doki is already accustomed to many aspects of being part of a family and being around other dogs. He loves people, and immediately fit into the rhythm of his foster family.

In his foster home, Doki has two setter siblings, a 7-year-old male and a 3-year-old female. Doki gets along very well with both of them. He does well with his foster brother, who can be dominant.  He especially enjoys romping and carrying on in the backyard (and sometimes in the house) with his foster sister. He can run - fast! – and has a beautiful, setter gait. He had a paw injured while in shelter care, but it is healing with no sign of any impairment, and it doesn’t slow him down. He is on a round of antibiotics, but he has been released by the vet for adoption.  He is a pretty big boy but could still put on about 5 more pounds.  He’s a big eater and will get that weight up soon. He has no food aggression toward either of the other dogs, but his size allows him to nose other dogs away, and he does. He loves toys - plush toys and bones - and shares well. While he shows easy trainability, he would benefit from a basic obedience course - primarily interactive behavior (sit, stay, come, etc.). He's not a counter surfer, but the foster family keeps a close eye on him to prevent any attempts.   He responds well to normally voiced verbal correction.

Doki's foster home also has a cat, and Doki is very interested - more like obsessed! He has engaged in some "chase the cat" (this particular cat loves dogs). While he has not been cat aggressive, Doki's exuberance could be too much and we strongly recommend he go to a home without cats.

He's stood across the fence from neighborhood children and has shown healthy interest and friendliness. He has sleeps in a crate at night and a few times when the foster family has left the house and doesn’t seem bothered by it. In fact, he will take comfort in his crate during a thunderstorm.  He is about 90% housebroken, and would need some reminders in his adoptive home to learn the new family rhythm. After a short adjustment period to his new home, he should be fine and have no accidents.

Doki is sweet, affectionate and, for a 21-month old, pretty laid back setter. He would be a good fit in virtually any family setting one could imagine. While he enjoys the company of his foster siblings, he would also be a good only-dog, particularly a home with a boy or girl to play with! If you're looking for a big, lovable, playful, huggable family dog, take a good look at Doki.  He’s a wonderful young boy.  


Mary Loots hopes that Doki finds a loving forever home with lots of toys and bones very soon!

Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki hope that sweet lovable Doki is playing with a loving forever family soon!