• Adopted: 08-02-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2-4 yrs old
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Smart, kind, gentle, easy going and extremely loving

Her name is Betsy, but it should be Happy.  This precious pup smiles and is happy all the time.  Just looking at her will make you happy too. Those big black eyes, jet black nose and lips and a black, black ear are so striking.  And the black hair around her eyes makes her look like she did a poor job of putting on eye liner.  Betsy is a blue belton setter who is between 2 and 4 years old and weighs 43 pounds. 

She is smart, kind, gentle, easy going and extremely loving.  If you want to pet her, she loves it.  Betsy loves children and is fine with them hugging on or petting her.  Even the 3 year olds are her friends.  She can never get enough hugging and petting and is always ready to put her head in your lap and be cuddled.  But if you ignore her, she’s ok with that too. Betsy did not know how to play with stuffed toys.  Just last night we finally got her to play a bit with one and she threw it around and chased after it like crazy.  Then she stopped and wasn’t interested, threw herself down and went to sleep.

When she arrived at her foster home, she immediately wanted to play with her foster sisters, but they weren’t so sure.  Now, the older one still ignores her, but she is best friends with the other.  They run and play and chase and spin around until they are exhausted.  Betsy also is happy by herself.  She will prance along the fence, looking and exploring every nook and cranny.  Then she will stand in point or sit at the top of the steps watching squirrels without moving a muscle for hours.  Then ‘POW!’, off she goes in a flash.  She seems so disappointed when one gets away, but then she regains her composure and trots around looking for something else to watch/explore.  She is just learning to walk on a leash, but she is always sniffing, tracking and wanting to explore along the way.  She LOVES being outside – with others or by herself. 

Betsy sleeps through the entire night.  The first 2 nights we had her sleep in a crate.  By the second night we moved the crate into the bedroom and she was fine.  But Betsy likes to stretch out to sleep, so now she sleeps by our bed. Twice she jumped on the sofa and was a bit stubborn about getting down, but hasn’t tried again.  We will let her adoptive family decide if she should be a couch dog or not.   Betsy is very smart!  Within a day and a half of being here, she was going to the door, sitting and waiting to be let out.  She does the same thing to be let in, though if you ignore her too long, she will paw at the door.  She has learned what “come” means, but doesn’t always do it.  She also knows “foot check” and will stop at the door so we can clean her feet before she comes in the house.  She does not bark, even when her sisters do.

Betsy is tentative when trying new foods.  Anything she does eat, she smells first and then decides whether to eat it or not.   She eats very little at a time, but will sometimes come back to her dish for more.  We’re hoping as she gets comfortable, she will eat more, as she is still very skinny.  She is the only dog we’ve ever known who won’t eat peanut butter or rice or even chicken.  Her love is ham!  She isn’t big on dog treats, but just the other day, Betsy took a Beggin’ Strip.  She does like DentaBones, as long as they are thin.  The vet says her teeth are very worn for a dog her age.  The vet says it is probably from chewing rocks or fencing in her kennel, but we haven’t seen any behavior like that since she has been here and is living inside a home.

Betsy needed some TLC when she came to ACES; she needed some grooming and treatment for an ear infection and Lyme disease (she’d happily take her pills…. with ham!). She’s all better now.  But she was all joy, love and happiness from the very beginning.   Her feet are big and she still has that clumsiness that many young setters have.  She would love to be in a home with other dogs, children and adults who would love her and cuddle with her, giving her the attention she deserves.  Betsy needs a home where she will have lots of opportunity to run fast, play hard and sleep soundly.   Children and other dogs will be welcomed by her and she will always share whatever she has.   If you are the lucky family she adopts, remember, she’ll steal your heart.  And in return, she’ll give you hers.


Mary Loots hopes that sweet Betsy will be running fast, playing hard and sleeping soundly with a lucky forever family very soon!