Young At Heart

  • Adopted: 06-06-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 8-10 yrs old
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Calm, patient girl who is laid back and affectionate.


Cora is a 43 pound tri-colored setter who can best be described as an “old soul.”  When you look into her beautiful brown eyes, you see so much wisdom and strength as well as a tenderness and vulnerability that seem to convey a lifetime of various experiences. This is not to say that she is “old” because there is plenty of life left in this girl. She is simply a very calm and patient girl who loves to spend the day rotating between her favorite spots in the yard, watching the world go by. She’ll get up every now and again to check out some of the places where she suspects that critters are hiding. In fact, her tireless patience has already been rewarded by catching one of them which definitely made her a rock star with our other dogs.
We doubt that Cora was ever an inside dog. Initially, she seemed to prefer the outdoors, but we have definitely seen a transformation. As her confidence builds and she’s learning that it’s okay to be inside, Cora is now spending more time inside with us. Her transition to indoor dog life has gone smoothly, only needing some initial corrections with counter surfing. She learned the doggie door trick after watching one of our dogs use it just once (a first in our experience). She knows how to handle the other dogs, respecting their boundaries without a second thought.   Cora is just a very wise setter who seems to instinctively know how to handle most situations. When we’re at the dog park and some of the exuberant younger dogs start sniffing around, no problem for Cora. She just sits down, turns her head, and ignores them until they go away. One time, during a particularly nasty thunderstorm, Cora managed to snuggle up next to her foster sibling (who is afraid of storms) in HIS bed, something no dog around here has ever done before (we still don’t know how she pulled that off). She quickly became a member of her foster siblings’ “hunting posse” – so whenever there’s a strange noise out there that needs some investigating, she charges off with them, side-by-side.
In most people situations, Cora’s demeanor is very laid back. Her signature move is that she loves to gently bury her head into your chest. At first, she would only do this while standing up and with her tail tucked between her legs. She’s finally come around to where she will sit down and snuggle like this, but she is not yet comfortable lying down next to you. We have every confidence that Cora will continue to blossom with a little TLC. We don’t know how she is with cats or children; however, her gentle temperament suggests that she would be a wonderful family dog.
Cora does not appear to be very birdy, but she does have a passion for the critters. On our walks on the trails, she is ever-vigilant, seeking out the squirrels and rabbits that may be hiding in the bushes. At the dog park though, she spends some time scampering through the woods, but she definitely enjoys meeting all the people there. She wanders up to each one and patiently waits for their recognition and approval, before moving on to the next. She doesn’t always respond when called, but to be fair, she probably does not yet realize that Cora is her new name.
Cora was dropped off at an animal shelter, so we know very little of her history. Our vet estimates that she’s between 8 to 10 years-old, and other than getting caught up on some minor vet work, Cora appears in good health. She came to us underweight, but considering that mealtime is her absolute most favorite time of the day, she is gaining weight and filling out quite nicely. We suspect that she might have been kenneled a lot. Though Cora doesn’t show the same, bottomless endurance that you may see in a young pup, she is getting more and more active as she gains weight and continues to get more exercise.
Cora is a loyal, affectionate, and beautiful dog. She would love nothing more than to be adopted and have a family of her own.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet Cora will be happily watching the world roll by in a loving forever home very soon!