• Adopted: 06-11-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 47 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Gentle, silky-soft, lover


Gennie is a beautiful tri-color setter girl weighing in 47 pounds.  Her facial markings are striking!  She is totally housetrained and very trustworthy in the house.  When she arrived, she was quite timid; but she has become much more comfortable and secure in her surroundings.  She will still jump somewhat at unexpected noises, but even that has gotten better with time.
She likes treats, but they’re not the end-all, be-all to her.  Praise is much more her style, and she loves being petted and kissed.  It’s so easy to pet her because she is so soft!  She also really enjoys her meals and sleeps great.
She learned “sit” quickly and will “come” (sometimes reluctantly) when called.  I usually bend down and motion for her to come and she knows she’ll get some petting so she comes! She responds to the things her foster siblings do; so when I call them and they come, she comes along with them.  We walk everyday and while I don’t think she has ever been leash-trained, she is quite manageable on a leash.  Squirrels and rabbits definitely get her attention, so we hold on tight for that; but she seems to understand where the end of the leash is and she doesn’t pull.
She loves being outside and loves going for a walk.  She has never tried to jump our fence, but I stay outside with her just to be sure she’s always safe.  She runs a little, sits and observes a little, sniffs and walks around, and searches for critters to keep in line. I’ve only heard her bark once, and that was in response to a loud, close truck that backfired.
She has adapted quite well to the sofas and chairs in the house that our pups are allowed on.  As you can see by her pictures, she’s figured out quite nicely how to be comfortable.  She follows us from room to room to be close to her humans and seems to enjoy that sense of security.
We crated her the first few nights she was here, and she doesn’t mind the crate.  Now, however, she is allowed to sleep in her own bed in our bedroom just like her foster siblings.  It’s pretty funny to watch them all switch from bed to bed as the evening goes on, but they all seem to figure it out and no one gets their fur ruffled.    She does get up early, but we ignore her until we’re ready to rise.
Gennie is a loving girl looking for her forever family.  She will be a little timid at first, but will warm up with praise and love.  She would do well with another furry sibling and would love to have a playmate.  Is your family the right one for Gennie?