• Adopted: 05-17-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 48 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Amazingly beautiful, very quiet, shy little girl who loves going for walks.


Tess is an amazingly beautiful, 48 lb., 4 yr old tricolor girl who loves nothing more than to snooze on the couch or close to your feet. She is a very quiet, shy little girl who is adjusting to all of the new noises and people in the big scary world. She loves to be petted, and once her trust has been earned she will offer her belly for a rub...and her head...and will likely try to take over your bed.

She enjoys having access to a crate so she can have a safe place to be if there are scary noises or new people to observe. When Tess first came to her foster home she slept very quietly in her crate at night, but after a couple nights of this, she decided that she would prefer sleeping in the master bedroom with her canine foster brothers. It took a day or two of slow introductions for her to decide that the other two dogs that live in her new foster home were not scary, but now she loves both of them and will often seek them out for reassurance in the yard or house, and even give them affectionate little kisses in greeting. She would enjoy the company of another dog in a new home but would do best with one that is fairly mellow.

Tess has only had a couple of accidents in the house during the first week at her new foster home, but at least one was because she absolutely did not want to go outside during or after the thunderstorm that had rolled through. She might benefit from a Thundershirt to help with her anxiety with thunder and other loud noises. Since then she has had no more accidents and seems to have really picked up on the routine from the other dogs. She is not fond of loud noises, so a quiet suburban or rural home with adults and older teen-aged children would be a perfect fit for her. At first, any loud noise would send her scurrying for her crate or behind a chair or couch or into the next room where she would peek out to see if the coast was clear. But she has come very far in a short amount of time, and while loud sudden noises still startle her, she will stand her ground to observe the noise source instead of running away most of the time. She may still occasionally peek from another room but now always comes back around very quickly once the new person or noise has been assessed and deemed safe. Because of her timidness, she will need a home with a physical fence.

Tess loves to be outdoors, but she prefers to have human company when she is out in the yard. She absolutely loves going for walks, and her tail waves high the entire time. She also rides great in the car. She walks well on the leash without tugging or pulling, unless she spots a bird. Then all bets are off. Her foster parents are working on this every day. She is calm in the yard, but she gets excited spotting birds on her walks. She has been wonderful with her foster family's cats and usually ignores them; however if they were to run, she might give chase. One of the cats actually likes Tess and will rub up against her in greeting. Tess doesn't seem to mind. Tess is very loving and well-behaved, and she has been fine left loose in the house when her foster family is gone for a few hours, as well as at night. She will need a quiet home filled with love and patience, and in return will be incredibly affectionate, loyal, and your best friend forever.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet Tess will be enjoying walks, car rides and a loving forever family very soon!