• Adopted: 06-15-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 38 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: When inside-mellow, affectionate and loves to be around people. Outside- birdy.

Sandy is a 38 pound orange belton girl who is about 3 years old. Maybe she’s had a “hard knock life,” we don’t know because Sandy’s not talking (or singing) about it. But ACES Sandy was found as a stray and a kind shelter worker contacted ACES because she thought Sandy was special enough to get a chance at happily ever after with a forever home.

Outside, Sandy is all bird dog. If there is a bird anywhere around, she will see it, hear it, or smell it. She will trot around the yard looking for interesting things in the sky, or stand on her back feet to try to see over the top of the fence.  She is fine with the 5 to 6 foot privacy fence at her foster home.   She’s been on limited activity because of her spay, but we think she’d happily spend hours investigating the yard and running around. We have not seen her take a break while outside, unlike her foster brother who enjoys the occasional snooze in the dirt or her foster sister who will sometimes dig a hole.

Inside, Sandy is one of the mellowest setters this foster home has seen. She spends most of her inside time asking for pets and hanging out on a dog bed or the couch. She has enjoyed a peanut butter kong, but generally doesn’t pay attention to nylabones or dog toys. She doesn’t really seem interested in chewing anything. Sometimes she likes to look out the window and if there is a bird or squirrel even across the street, she will find it and track it. Sandy has learned sit and not to check out the countertop, and she is learning the leash. She is crate trained and sleeps quietly all night in her crate until someone comes down to let her out. She is housetrained and has not had any accidents in her foster home. In fact, the other night she wouldn’t go potty because it was storming, and her crate was dry in the morning.

Sandy is very affectionate with people. She likes to curl up next to a person or be close to people or nuzzle your ear and give kisses. There are no children in her foster home but she met a young girl at the vet and gave gentle licks.

Sandy would do best as an only dog or with a laid back dog who has good social skills. She tolerates her foster brother and has once been seen sharing the dog bed with him (she wanted on and he was pretending to ignore her). She does not seek him out or want to play with him. She gets grouchy with her foster sister; we don’t know why. We are working on Sandy’s manners around her foster sister. The shelter said Sandy should not be around cats, and she is rather focused on the ones she sees outside the window, but we have not observed her interacting with any cats.

Sandy is a great dog. We think she’d love time outside to walk and run and sniff, but inside she is okay with settling down and just hanging out. She loves being around people and would probably prefer to have them all to herself. Can you make Sandy’s tomorrow a dream come true by being her forever family? 

Update 5/7/2012

Sandy got her spay stitches out the other day and has enjoyed being off leash a lot more. She is still pretty calm inside the house. She's so good, we can leave her loose in the house for short periods of time without any worries. Outside, she enjoys checking the perimeter of the fence and looking for birds, and then staking out a perch from which to watch the goings on. She'll occasionally run after a bird or squirrel, or just go back to take a loop or two around the yard. Even though the only place she's been is the vet, she gets excited when she thinks she is going somewhere and dances around. She'd probably love long walks with her forever family – so much to explore! Sandy has learned to sit for treats, and is doing pretty well with waiting for an "ok" before heading out the back door, and much of the time she comes back in when called. Sandy also got a bath and sat nicely while her foster mom brushed out her ears and hind feathers. She is also showing her funny side. She does a happy dance when her mom brings dinner, and the other day she tried to answer the phone when it rang!


Debra O'Day hopes that Sandy is soon giving kisses and happily looking for birds in her forever home!