• Adopted: 03-05-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1 1/2 yrs
  • Size: 37 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: What a gem!

Gemma is certainly a gem of a dog! She is a beautiful, 37 pound, one and a half year old with boundless love to give. She loves to snuggle up next to you, and isn’t really particular about the where. If you sit on the ground or sidewalk she will plop herself right across your lap. She likes to cuddle next to you on the couch, but is happy lying in her cushy dog bed as well. She will sidle up next to you and bury her face in your side and give you her version of a little hug.

Gemma loves to go outside in her foster family’s fenced in yard as soon as breakfast is over and play a rip-roaring game of high speed chase with her foster family’s Irish Setter. She is much smaller than he is, but, boy, is she quick and often leaves him in the dust! After she has spent her energy outdoors, she will come inside, happy and content and either take a little snooze or dig into the toy bin for some toys. She still likes to chew some, and seems to prefer toys that squeak or are rubbery like her Kong. She will occasionally pick up a shoe and bring it into the living room but her family is working on letting her know which things are her toys and which things are not.

 She is quiet and calm indoors, and her foster family’s elderly 12 year old lab is grateful for this. She gets along wonderfully with both of her foster family’s dogs, as well as their two cats. She will often be found sharing a couch with one of the kitties, although there is usually a bit of space between them. She also loves to play and snuggle with her foster family’s children, and gets very wiggly-excited when they come home from school. She wants to jump up gently and give them a Gemma-hug when she sees them but is learning that they will be happier if she stays down to be petted, or wait for an invitation to cuddle on the couch. Gemma loves to go for walks in the neighborhood or at the park. She is learning to not pull on the leash, and is making great progress.  She is also making great progress with other basic commands and seems to learn quickly, especially if a treat is offered as a reward. 

Everything has been a new experience for Gemma. She does not really enjoy car rides yet; they sometimes make her sick but she is starting to like to look out the window. She is often curious, if a little timid, and will warm up to new things quickly. She loves to watch her foster mom dry her hair with the blow dryer!  She sleeps on her dog bed at night in the bedroom along with the other two dogs and does just fine, but when no one is home she goes in her crate since she still likes to chew a little. In the future as she gets older, she will probably be just fine to leave out of the crate. She doesn’t like to go into the crate, she will lie down and try to disappear if asked to go in.  She will complain a little until everyone leaves, but as soon as the house is quiet she calms down and sleeps or plays with her toys quietly.

She is working on housetraining and doing very well with it. Very rarely will she have an accident, and when she does it seems like her foster family has missed her cues that she needs to go out. She doesn’t bark to go out, she will drift over by the door a few times, or start shaking her head to wake her foster parents up. Lately she has started walking over to a nearby family member and giving them a little nudge with her nose to communicate. She has done fine in her crate when left for several hours, and sleeps through the night with no accidents.

Gemma would love a home with a playful companion, another dog perhaps, or a gentle child. She would love a home where she is doted on, but doesn’t mind sharing attention either. Mostly she would love a home where she is truly loved. She deserves nothing less, as she is a wonderful, energetic, loving spirit.


Pam Miller
hopes that sweet Gemma will giving and receiving loving hugs with her forever family soon!