• Adopted: 04-10-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3-4 yrs
  • Size: 38 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Hazel-eyed beauty with a shy gracefulness

Lanie, a 3-4 year old setter with a lovely feminine face, hazel eyes and a shy grace, is sure to melt your heart. At 38 pounds with liver coloring, Lanie is simply beautiful.  In her foster home for about a month now, it became evident that she had never experienced being a part of a home and family.  She is shy around people.  When she first arrived, and met Henry, her foster brother setter, you could almost see her relax upon seeing another dog.  We think Lanie would feel most secure if she had another dog in her forever home.  When she met Boz, her foster cat brother, they touched noses right away and have been buddies since day one.

Lanie loves to play outside with Henry, and runs with the joy of life most setters possess. She has not challenged the physical fence at all, content to chase the squirrels that are in the yard, not out. She does not seem particularly birdy. She is beautiful in motion and it is a pleasure just to watch her enjoy life.

She comes in willingly at the door, and once inside, may walk around a bit, but soon needs her “safe place” which has been an open crate in the family room. Once there, she is content to watch the family activities around her, relaxed and undemanding. She enjoys a Nylabone and a couple toys that she keeps in the crate with her, but she willingly allows people or dogs to take the toys.   She eats well and is beginning to be brave enough to eat standing outside her crate. She rides in the car very well and without any commotion.

She had a couple indoor accidents early on, but quickly learned house training.  Now, she will go to the back door when she is ready to go back out, giving you her “Twirly Girl,” going round and round in excitement as you make your way to open the door for her.

Lanie will do best in a home with another dog and with a family willing to be patient as she continues to overcome her sweet shyness.  She will need a physical fence and space to run. She has not been on the leash except during transport.  She was rescued from a shelter in South Georgia and has come a long way in only a month, but she is still very much in awe of such a big, wide world where people love her and every day is fun and wonderful.   As she gains confidence, she would do well in a basic obedience class. 

Lanie will become a great part of your family given the time, love and patience she needs. She is slowly gaining courage in embracing a new life as a family pet. Lanie will quickly find a place in your heart and home when given the chance to be loved and love back.


Doug and Karen Moreno hope that lovely Lanie will be melting the hearts of a loving forever family very soon!