• Adopted: 06-18-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 47 lbs
  • Color:
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A cute, handsome and friendly dog!

Spot is an exuberant 47 pound blue belton boy.  This two year old boy came into ACES foster care testing positive for heartworm disease and ehrlichiosis.  He has been treated for both, and now Spot is a healthy, vigorous and agile dog who makes us laugh and brings a smile to everyone!

Spot is people-oriented and everyone comments “What a cute, handsome and friendly dog.” When Spot sees a friend, he wags his brushy tail so hard his whole back half is in motion while hopping up and down like a bunny until they get close enough to greet!   Spot's greeting is to stand up and gently put his paws on your waist and will stay that way for minutes while you pet him, but he really prefers people to sit down so he can lay on you and roll over for belly and ear rubs.

While we are sure he had never seen the inside of a house or car when he came to us, Spot is now housebroken and sleeps readily in his crate, waiting patiently for us to get up in the morning.  Unlike our cats, he allows us to sleep in on weekends and will quietly chew Kong toys in his crate until we get up. After an early 2-3 mile run with his foster dad and about an hour of yard play with the other dogs, he will settle down for a long snooze in the middle of the day. At first, we crated him when gone for long periods of time, but recently, we've been letting him have free roam with no incidents.  We do leave him with a rawhide or toy to chew in case he gets bored. After his midday napping, Spot is eager and ready for several hours of afternoon doggie playgroup romp, so he is clearly a dog who needs lots of exercise.  Spot is enthusiastically interested in other dogs and plays well with them without being too pushy. He befriended our setter easily and he doesn’t chase our cats inside or out.

During Spot’s stay with us, he is learning to walk or jog on a leash, although he is a little nervous in the city.  He has learned to come in from the yard when called for a cookie.  He has also taken to the house rules.  At first, he preferred to be a sofa hog, but with some consistency and positive reinforcement, Spot has learned to be invited on the sofa and that “off” means four paws on the floor.  He has a real desire to please.  He knows, ‘no bark,’ ‘sit,’ ‘leave it,’ and ‘wait’ but is often so energetic he needs a little time to perform. Spot loves car rides, although he likes to move around while watching the scenery and should be crated for safety.

Spot is a great eater and takes treats nicely from your hand. Spot's house manners are improving every day, and he no longer counter surfs or checks the garbage for goodies.  He even leaves the cat food alone!  Spot is very smart and solves problems very quickly, including how to get the gate to open in order to check out what's going on outside of the fence.  We are working with Spot to keep him in the yard, but his new home should have a fence taller than 4 foot that is secured into the ground and has strongly latched gates (we find a bungie cord works wonders).

When Spot gets to his forever home, he should have more obedience training.  He has really come a long way with reward-based training and we would like to see this continue.  Spot could use some work on ‘come’ in a distracting situation.  When he goes to the dog park, he will run the fence line around the perimeter of the park with no regard to his human companions until he is ready to go home.  Spot has had a chance to experience new situations and has been a real trooper, adjusting to each event.  He's been around lots of company at our house, he has been to visit family and friends (winning everyone over with his charm) and he went to the Saturday flea market where he was a big hit with the kids.

Spot will make a great hiking companion, agility competitor or just a great pal who loves you to pieces! He is always eager to be your companion whether you are working on the computer, gardening or going for a walk. Heaven to Spot is anywhere his people are!


Wayne & Marion Simonsen hope that Spot will be bringing smiles and getting lots of ear rubs from a loving forever family very soon!

Please tell Spot that we KNOW that with heartworms behind him, he's going to find his way to a wonderful home.  In the meantime, "run, Spot, run!"  Lisa and Peter Gearen


Eli is home and has learned his new name already.  He is soo sweet and adorable.  I love his floppy “jump off the last 2 steps” he does whenever he knows he is going outside.  He and Noah are doing well.  They walk together over the yard.  Noah is showing Eli the lay-of-the-land so far.  He seems to be learning from Noah and following suit.  He has been no problem.  He is listening well.

We love his sweet, gentle, funny, and loving nature.  Thank you for allowing us to be his furever family.