• Adopted: 12-26-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1-2 yrs
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Smart as a cookie and just as sweet!

Introducing ACES newest little elf ... Keebler! Smart as a cookie and just as sweet!

Keebler's name reflects his smaller size and his deliciously sweet personality. At 35 pounds, he is one of the cutest little tri-color boys that we have seen. He was very thin when he came to ACES but now he's at a perfect weight, so he's not going to get much bigger. He seems young but not puppy-ish, and the vet thinks he is between 1 and 2 years old (so we're going with 1 and a half!).

Keebler was pretty shy his first few days in foster care. We don't think he'd lived in a house before. But, boy, has he learned the good life. He is coming along with his housetraining, happily sleeps in the crate or goes in when directed. He was very curious about all the "things" in the house at first and tried to figure out what was an acceptable thing to chew and what wasn't. Fortunately, he is good natured about giving up things he "tries", and is easily redirected. He has learned very quickly what is okay and what is not. He now likes to go to the toy bin and pick out something to play with, especially the squeaky toys. He gets excited when new toys are brought out and seems to like the variety. He checks back with the toy bin regularly, in case something new appears.

It took him a while, but he also has learned to get on the bed to sleep at night. He'll adjust quickly if that's not where his forever family wants him to sleep, but for now he enjoys snuggling with his foster mom at night.

Keebler has turned out to be a positive influence on his foster siblings. He has even brought shy foster Macaroni out of this shell a bit. Keebler gets along with all the dogs in his foster home, but he and Macaroni have become good buddies. They will stay outside and play when everybody else comes back in for a rest.  They often begin the day by wrestling on the dog bed, so Keebler would love to have a doggy buddy to play with in his new home.

Keebler is an active young setter who needs plenty of room to run.  He loves the birds and squirrels outside.  He will sit and watch the trees, then chase the birds as they fly over the yard.  Keebler came to ACES as a stray and can get very distracted chasing birds and critters, so he will need a 5-6' physical fence in his new home.


Pam Miller hopes that cute little Keebler finds a forever home with a doggy buddy, lots of squeaky toys and a loving family very soon!