Jackson loves the snow!

Jackson loves chasing squirrels

Jackson in his forever home

  • Adopted: 01-19-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: An irresistible sweetheart who'll be sure to keep you smiling!

Say hello to Jack, a charming, smart, playful 40-lb. setter who's ready to fill your home with snuggles, laughter and love. Two-year-old Jack came to us from a hunting plantation where he probably hadn't stepped inside a house his entire life, yet within two days of arriving at our home, this independent little guy figured out the doggie door, tackled the steps to the second floor, found the toy box, learned to sit for dinner and treats and cooperated on a leash. While he still has lots to learn, we're amazed at his progress and eagerness to please. He immediately made friends with his foster sisters, and they've had fun playing with toys and chasing each other around the yard. We have yet to find a toy that Jack doesn't love, and he is happy to chew on them by himself although he does like a good game of tug-of-war if he can get one of his doggie sisters to participate. He even knows how to fetch!

Jack is a curious cutie who likes to stay moving and on the go. He would make a great exercise companion because he loves to be outside and discover new places. Since he hasn't met a stranger, frequent trips to a dog park would be fun for him so that he could make new friends and burn off energy. He does well on a leash and has learned to sit before we can cross the street. When we're all home, he keeps himself occupied with toys and investigating the backyard. When we leave for a few hours, he gets to stay in the house with our dogs although he does have a fondness for whatever is in the laundry basket, so we've learned to keep it out of reach. He'll tolerate a crate but not for long periods because he knows the action is outside and where the people are. At night, he likes a soft bed or blanket, and he'll occasionally head upstairs to sleep on one of our beds, although he doesn't usually stay all night. He's not an early riser and waits patiently for us to get our morning started. He has a slight build but he's a healthy eater and is usually first in line for breakfast, dinner and treats. He learned quickly to sit and show good manners before he can be served.

Jack's not birdie or squirrely and is way more interested in toys and playtime with his foster sisters. And even though he's energetic, he settles well throughout the day and at night he spends a lot of time snuggling at our feet and occasionally on the couch when he gets an invitation. He's always ready for a pet, and will rest his face on your leg or nuzzle your nose if you let him in close. He may even try to nibble or tickle your feet! He does like to jump up when meeting new people, or if he gets excited about a treat, but it's more like a leap for joy and we're working with him on this behavior. He's also tried to bury toys in the yard but not in the grassy or landscaped areas, and it's only happened a couple of times. He found a sandy area that was just too easy for him to resist!

Jack is such a fast learner, and so eager for love and positive attention we know it won't take long for him to settle in to his forever home. He'd love a furry playmate to keep him company, and he'd fit in well with a family with kids of any age, or an active couple. He's an irresistible sweetheart who'll be sure to keep you smiling!


ACES Jack (now Jackson) was adopted in January 2012.  Here are photos of him on squirrel patrol in Ohio snow.  He has certainly adapted from a warm weather Geogia dog to loving the winters!  As you can see, he has LOTS of squirrel and bird activity in the back yard. He is all about chasing them only.  After a tangle with a squirrel left him more wounded than the squirrel, he decided that catching them is NOT FUN. 


Steve, Teri & Miss Sophia Sauer hope that Jack will be snuggling with his forever family very soon!
Lee Miller hopes that Jack will soon be playing with a furry sibling and lots of toys in his forever home!