Young At Heart

Jilly as the patient patient

Jilly with grandchildren

Jilly loves the attention

Jilly and brother Noah

  • Adopted: 04-06-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9 yrs
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A spunky lady who likes to talk to you

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be! With Jilly, the best is what you will get. At nine years old, this girl has lots of spunk and her antics make us smile. Jilly gets along with everyone in the family. When Jilly first got here, the younger dogs made her nervous, but she quickly told them to stay out of her face with a little growl and they quickly obliged. Now everyone is doing great. Jilly has really taken a shine to our oldest dog, who is ten. She will dance, prance, and talk to him, anything to get him to play. He is just starting to return her affection. The poor boy is probably still trying to figure out this goofy girl.

When Jilly is playing with her toys, you would never guess she was "an old lady." She goes absolutely berserk over her stuffies! She will pounce on them, shake them and throw them across the room. She can also get very silly and just run for the sake of running. She will run from place to place with a bounce in her step, shaking her head at the same time. When Jilly plays, her whole face lights up and she smiles. It's a joy to see her having fun.

Jilly loves her people and she loves nothing better than to be loved. She probably has the potential to be a spoiled dog and could get pushy if she got her way all the time so we are careful not to give her too much unsolicited loving. For the most part, we ask her to sit before petting her and make sure that she is invited up on the couch. When it's not a good time to share the couch, Jilly is very responsive to a "Jilly, go to your bed." Of course, she gets rewarded with "good girls" and a couple of strokes when she is in her bed. When we want to share the couch, Jilly doesn't take up much room since her 43 pounds are contained in a small body frame.

When Jilly gets excited, she can be very vocal. She loves to talk to her foster dad while he is getting ready for work. We aren't sure if she is asking for breakfast or telling him to put his shoes on and leave the house so she can go back to bed...probably both! Sometimes when she comes in from the backyard in the morning, she'll bound in and come talk to you. She must be happy to start her day. At night time, Jilly sleeps in her dog crate, but she would also be fine sleeping outside of the crate. She has free roam of the house when we are gone. If you are looking for a dog to come with you during the day, Jilly would love to tag along. Jilly would do best in a home with a physical fence.

Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be! Jilly deserves nothing but the best in her adoptive home. She would thrive in a home where her people are home for a good part of the day. Although she gets along well with all of our dogs, she adores the older, more refined type, as long as they are willing to play. And she would love people who dote on her as much as she will dote on them.


Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley, hope that Jilly finds a loving forever home very soon!
Jeffrey Headley hopes Jilly will be happily talking to her doting forever family soon!


Jilly is doing great! And already very special to us.  She loves lovin’ and we love giving it to her.  She and Noah rest on the floor or couch together.  She jumps and does her Silly Jilly dance every morning.  We love to watch her prancing.  I think she is still a little cautious and maybe some reserved in playing with Noah.  But she is warming up.  I love to watch her with her toys.  Tossing them, prancing around and bowing.  She makes us laugh.

And the best gift of all….our 2 grandaughters (ages 6 & 4) were here last week.  Jilly was phenomenal! She literally laid on the couch for 2 hours while they played “Dr” with her.  They put a cast on her broken leg, brushed her hair, took her temperature, etc.  They loved the fact that Jilly did not jump up and run and Jilly loved all the petting.  See the pics.

We love her sweet, gentle, funny, and loving nature.  Thank you for allowing us to be her furever family.