• Adopted: 06-17-12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 33 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: This sweet little girl is a compact bundle of activity

Gumdrop is sweet, but perhaps, she should have been named after a high energy drink instead of a candy. At 33 pounds, this little girl is a compact bundle of activity. Her energy level and cute looks make her seem much younger than her five years. Given the chance to burn off her excess energy in a fenced yard, Gumdrop loves the comfort of a soft dog bed when inside. And, with her size, she doesn't take up too much space on the sofa!

Gumdrop is housetrained and crate-trained. She readily goes to her crate when asked and stays in there without a peep. For now, we are crating Gumdrop at night and when we are gone for long periods of time. We have left her out for shorter periods and she has done fine. Even though she may not need the crate in the future, Gumdrop does like to curl up in there at times, even when we are home. She will retreat to her safe place especially when the vacuum cleaner and blow dryer come out. She's not particular about which crate she uses; any comfy, secure spot works for her.

There are four other dogs in Gumdrop's foster home and she seems to be fine with all of them. She definitely wants to play, but only our youngest dog is willing to keep up with her. Gumdrop is a master at the game of chase. She likes to pounce on the other dog with her front paws, go into a play bow, and then take off, expecting the other dog to give chase. Of course, Gumdrop is always up for chasing birds or squirrels with the entire canine group. She is quite happy out in the yard, no matter if she has company or not. She can busy herself by running, sniffing or simply sitting still and waiting for the next critter to come by. Gumdrop also loves to play inside. She will dig through the doggie toy box in search of the perfect toy. She's not the best at sharing, maybe because she worked so hard to find the exact toy she wanted.

Gumdrop bounces when she gets excited and can bound 2-3 foot into the air. She usually bounces when it's time to eat and when she is excited to go outside. When she gets excited, she doesn't really pay attention and will bounce into things around her, including other bodies. Because of her energy, she would be too much for toddlers.

This little energizer bunny is looking for a family that can appreciate her busyness. In return, she promises to stay still long enough for a belly rub and some gentle setter kisses.


Steve, Teri & Miss Sophia Sauer hope that Gumdrop will be happily playing both inside and out in a forever home very soon!

Lee Miller hopes that Gumdrop soon finds a forever family that will love her busyness and gentle setter kisses!


We decided to re-name Gumdrop, Scarlett! She already responds to her name well.  

I wanted to let you know about this awesome little girl who joined our family on June 21st, 2012. She has taken over our house and our hearts. I never dreamed she would seem to adjust as quickly as she did, nor did I have an inkling that she'd have such an amazing personality! We all knew she was meant to be with us when one morning I was coming downstairs and my husband and I both were going to talk to each other about this little girl named Gumdrop. Scarlett, is doing fantastic, she is best friend's with Bleu (our other English Setter) and has adjusted well to her new home. She loves the dog park we go to as well as chasing all the birds, ducks, and geese from the pond or fields. It was then I saw her come alive with excitement. She loves being outside in the yard whether it is playing, or just laying watching the world go by.  She gives the most gentle setter kisses and it is so nice to see her and Bleu play and snuggle with each other. When one is upset they kiss each other to soothe the other. Never have seen anything like this at all.

In short, we all just love her to pieces!!!

I have to give credit to all of you for helping to shape Scarlett's personality, because its more than obvious that she was well-loved and well-cared for. Thank you for taking such good care of her and all the other setters that need a home.

Thanks for all the hard work you do with all the precious furry ones there at ACES.