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  • Adopted: 01-29-12
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7 yrs
  • Size: 34 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Toys are my game

Skeeter's my name and Toy's are My Game! I ~love~ to play "keep away" with stuffed toys and tennis balls when I'm outdoors. After all, they're Mine I tell yuh, Mine! I'm not a"retriever" ..... I'm a Setter! When my foster Mum say's to me "Bring the woobie" .... oh boy oh boy ....that means run and rollick! It's just too much darn fun to annoy her!

I've come back to ACES after my family had a family of their own breed. I guess because I have a few issues, I was just too much to handle between 4 am feedings and diaper changes.

My likes:
Tennis Balls
Stuffy Toys
Running in a fenced yard.... (no more walk up apartments or dog parks for me!)

My dislikes:
Thunder, rain
Animals that sniff my in private places (I'd love to be an only dog so I could have ALL of YOUR Attention!)

A bit about me:
No pet is perfect, especially us that come into rescue with our baggage. But hey! Unlike the airlines, we won't charge you!

I don't like thunder, fireworks, gunshot sounds. (Who does? Isn't the sound of chirping birdies a lot nicer?) I will shake, tremble and salivate, but if you provide me a quiet area (like a crate and I do like those things) I will take care of myself until the icky sounds disappear.

I might have played tennis too much at one time as I have some knee issues, but nothing that requires surgery. I have something called luxating patella's. Usually I can work them out myself, just like if you'd get something called a "Charlie Horse."

I am 7 yrs old, and my liver never grew as I grew up. I have had countless needle sticks to get my blood that I should be called a pin cushion setter. My last bloodwork shows everything is within normal limits (no close to highs/lows). My foster mom say's it's like being born with extra freckles..... it doesn't mean I won't live a long happy life.

Anyone looking to adopt a dog should remember that disease is Not Age Discriminatory! A puppy doesn't necessarily mean a long life! This is why there are places such a St. Judes Childrens Hospital for Human Children.

Kitty cats? Did someone ask me about my opinion of them? Well, they swat at my face if I get too interested! Those claws hurt! I like them if they're inside only kittys.


Doug and Karen Moreno hope that Skeeter finds a forever home where he will feel safe and loved forever.