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  • Adopted: 10-11-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2-3 yrs
  • Size: 46 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Beautiful, friendly snuggle bug

Hi! My name is Dillon. I'm kind of new here so I think it's time to introduce myself. It looks like there's a lot of great dogs to choose from out there, so I just want the chance to tell you some of the reasons you'd be happy you chose me.

First of all, I'm just gonna put this out there. I am Gor-Geous! I have an abundance of dark, orange-colored freckles from head to toe, and one look into my beautiful eyes, the color of liquid gold between my white eyelashes, and you will fall in love on the spot.

The next thing I think you will notice about me is that I love people. My people especially. I'm always eager for a snuggle or a pet or just a kind smile – a dog can never get enough of that, you know! So I am almost always by the side of my people.

I am not a lazy dog by any means, but quite honestly, I would rather hang out with my foster parents inside the house than chase after critters in the backyard. Sometimes my setter foster siblings can rally around and get me interested in chasing the squirrels, but it's really not my favorite thing. I guess that's what my foster mom means when she says that I'm not very "birdie."

Unlike most setters, I know how to walk on a leash! When I go for a walk, I am happy to enjoy the experience prancing right along side of my foster mom. It makes walks so much more enjoyable for everyone. I'm very considerate that way.

I have been very helpful to my foster mom, reminding her how important it is to keep a nice, tidy home. You see, I discovered where she keeps all the play things: in her closet. I prefer either house slippers or soft white socks, but if they're not available, anything soft and fuzzy will do. When I don't think anyone is looking, I sneak in there and get myself a toy. It has been a very good reminder to my foster parents to put things away. It also helps remind them to go into the pantry and bring me out a nice big rawhide bone, which I like even better.

I am the perfect age! I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 years-old, which means I have many wonderful years ahead of me without the nuisance of all those naughty puppy behaviors (well, except for maybe that thing I mentioned before about the closet).

When I first came into this new home, I have to admit that I had a few potty accidents. However, since that time, I have been a very good house dog. Now I always go outside to use the bathroom. I very rarely bark. I sleep through the night and get up at a very reasonable hour.

I am very well-behaved around strangers, both people and other doggies. My awesome foster dad takes me to the off-leash dog park almost every day. My foster siblings like to run around in the woods chasing smells but not me. I just like to walk around with my foster dad and make new friends. Hey, they have fun their way, and I have fun my way. Each to his own, you know?

My foster mom tells everyone that I am "resilient." I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's something good. I can tell you that I am learning a lot of new things, like how patio doors work and how to go down stairs. I've even learned to use a doggie door (that was pretty freaky at first!), and I'm starting to learn how to play with my toys (although I'm not ready to share them just yet). But mostly, I'm learning that when people stick their hand out to touch me, it now means something really nice. So I'm thinking that the world is a pretty good place after all, and I'm looking forward to the future and soon getting into my forever home!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. As I said at the beginning, I know there are a lot of choices out there – so many wonderful dogs waiting for a home. I promise that, if you adopt me, you will get the sweetest dog that ever was, with all the unconditional love and loyalty you could ever want!