• Adopted: 09-13-11
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9 mo
  • Size: 30 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: K is for Kassi ...an adorable Kurious Kutie

K is for Kassi ... and for Keeper ... and for Kurious Kutie. (Okay, we know that doesn't start with 'K', but she sure is cute. And curious.) Kassi is a pretty blue belton girl. At 9-months, and 30 pounds, she still has some growing up to do and retains many of her puppy ways. Kassi seems new to some aspects of inside living (she isn't so sure about the vacuum and the hair dryer). She is coming along nicely with her house training and gives signals when she needs to go out. She has learned "sit" and is learning leash manners. While some young setters have a shortish coat, Kassi's fur is long and wavy and she already has little tail feathers.

Outside, Kassi's motto is "let's play!" Although she was interested in ducks and squirrels at the park, she pays little attention to the robins and finches in the back yard. Instead, she wants to play tag with her foster sister or play with a ball, and then does a big flop down in the dirt for a rest.

Inside, Kassi's motto is also "let's play!" She plays with toys and wrestles with her foster sister. She is a curious little girl. Like all puppies, Kassi likes to chew toys and nylabones, but if she is unsupervised or doesn't have a bone nearby, she may chew inappropriate objects. The good news is that she is easily redirected back to a bone. She doesn't yet know "drop", but will give up whatever is in her mouth without protest. Kassi likes to counter-surf when no one is looking so puppy-proofing, putting things away, and keeping dog toys/chews handy are a must. A positive training class would be good for her.

Kassi is sweet and loving with everyone she meets, loving a chin rub or ear scritches. Kassi has met young kids at the vet and in the park, and gladly let them pet, scratch, and hug her. She is becoming more affectionate and confident as she stays in foster care and she recently discovered the joy of belly rubs. She leans into her foster mom for pets and belly rubs. Just the other day, she gave foster mom a little lick on the cheek. What could be better than puppy kisses! She just loves being near people and getting patted, but often won't stay still for a cuddle (there's too much to do!). Sometimes she will try to squeeze in between her foster siblings and foster mom when the sibs are getting attention and Kassi wants some too. She makes the cutest little "a-roo-roo-roo-rah" sounds!

Kassi is crate trained. She spends the day in the crate while her family is at work but she barks a bit when first left. She also sleeps in a crate in the bedroom at night. Kassi's perfect home would have a furry buddy who loves to play, along with a patient family to teach a curious puppy and provide lots of exercise.


Jeffrey Headley hopes that cute Kassi will be getting lots of belly rubs from her forever family very soon!

Pam Miller hopes that Kassi will soon be playing with her very own fun and furry sibling and giving puppy kisses to her new family!