Vanna enjoying her big bed and toys at home

Vanna is a happy girl!

Relaxing in her forever home

Basking in the sun in her beautiful yard

Vanna, the Superhero Rescue Dog on Halloween

Vanna relaxing in her forever home

Vanna loves her yard

Vanna in her forever home

Vanne on the front stoop of her forever home

Vanna in her forever home

Vanna in her yard

Vanna in her home

Vanna relaxing downstairs

Vanna relaxing downstairs

  • Adopted: 10-24-11
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 32 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Friendly, gentle, shy, skittish and good house manners


Vanna is a small, very pretty English Setter.  She is approximately 2 years old and weighs 32 pounds.  Vanna is friendly but shy.  She can definitely be on the skittish side and may take some time to warm up to your family.  Once she is comfortable, she gets along with people, dogs and cats.  She does well with our English Setter, greyhound, and chihuahuas and our cats.  She loves to chase around the yard with our gray and likes to play with her ball outside.  Vanna will come in when called.
Vanna spends most of the day with her foster dad and loves being around him.  She is still a bit cautious with her foster mom.  But then again, she spends more time with her foster dad so she knows him better and has built up that trust.  She also responds well to our 16 year old grandson.  Even though Vanna can be timid, she is not afraid of thunderstorms.  She is also gentle and will let you check her mouth and ears.  She also let us carry her up the stairs when she first got here.  Because she can be skittish, we would recommend that she go to a home with children over the age of six.
Vanna is house trained, not an accident since she has been here, and in general has good house manners.  She loves to walk under the table during meal time.  Vanna is great on a leash and out in our yard.  Vanna will make someone a wonderful companion as long as you are patient and willing to let her get to know you.


Holly Christensen hopes that Vanna finds a patient and loving forever family very soon!

Vanna, I hope you will be playing happily in the backyard of your forever home soon - Pam Miller


Just to let you know that Vanna is really right at home after 3+ weeks here in Massapequa Park.  She now sleeps in our bedroom on her nice, soft doggie bed and is MOST comfortable doing so.  She now has full run of the house, but we do crate her when we go out.  The crate will always be in the family room as her "safe" area or just to take a break from the world if she wants to do so.  She also has a doggie bed downstairs and is on it right now next to me as I write this.  She has really settled into and enjoys the house immensely, and her house manners continue to be impeccable.  She truly does not have an aggressive bone in her body, and is a sweet and loving girl.  She has really come into her own in the last week, and we are delighted she has taken so well to the house, the neighborhood (she has many visitors at the fence - both people and dogs - and gets along just great with all of them), and to us as well.  It is a pleasure having her here with us.   Vanna truly rules the yard, keeping all the squirrels and the birds on full alert (she REALLY likes to keep the squirrel population in line, especially Fred the Squirrel who likes to torment her).  She is really the energizer bunny (or should I say English Setter "bunny") outside.  It is quite interesting and fun as well to watch her go about her yard patrol - she does her slow creep and points the larger birds quite well, while she just likes to keep the Sparrows on the run.  They in turn manage to work around her and continue to still make good use of the bird feeder so I guess all is well with the world!


Thought you'd enjoy seeing some recent pictures of Vanna.  She's doing just great and is right at home and very comfortable here in Massapequa Park.  We have received many nice compliments on her demeanor and form from various passersby who see her in the yard or as we walk through the neighborhood.  Several folks have even stopped their cars to ask what breed she is and so forth while we're on our walk.  One of my neighbors told me that Vanna has the best posture she ever saw on a dog!  She likes to walk along the fence with folks as they are walking by and quite a few stop to have a "conversation" with her, and she loves it (a real ham!).  It's nice to see her happy and wagging her tail as she oversees her domain in the yard, or settles in the house.  She has a great sense of humor and keeps us smiling whether she is inside the house or out in the yard. We're blessed to have her as a member of our family.

UPDATE 11/13

Vanna asked me to reach out and let you all know she is a very happy camper here in Massapequa Park.  The other day, Sunday, November 10th, Joanne and I celebrated Vanna's arrival at her forever home from Georgia (thank you, Catherine!) after spending a few months with Mike and Carole finding out what living in a house was all about.  In the two years since, she has grown and grown in her new home environment and is an integral part of the family - it wouldn't be the same without her.  Vanna is a wonderful, happy, healthy, funny dog, who gives and receives unconditional love and we are just delighted to have her here with us.  Thank you ACES and all of you for giving her a chance at life and for letting us welcome her into our home.  I'm attaching five or six pictures of Vanna for you to see how our beautiful girl is doing. All the best and again, thanks for what you do.