• Adopted: 12-31-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 mo
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Loves to play, cuddle and is as sweet as can be.


Sweet Bailey is ready for his forever home. He is a young, orange belton setter who is full of heart. This medium sized setter weighs in at 50 pounds and has the cutest, fuzziest white face. Bailey is under a year old but very laid back for such a young pup.

Bailey was a bit of a shy boy when he came to ACES but came out of his shell quickly! He loves to play with other dogs and spends most of his days at his foster folk's doggie daycare. Want to see him romping and rolling at daycare? Click here to see the video.

He gets along with any canine that comes through the door and he also loves to meet new humans too! Bailey would really enjoy going to a family with kids or another dog as he loves interaction. An active couple would also suit him very well because he loves to be outside too! He rides well in the car but does drool a lot so a towel over the seat will make for a cleaner ride. The drooling may subside once he feels settled in with his family.

Bailey is fully housetrained, loves kids and gets along fine with cats. He recently spent time with a six month old baby and was just as gentle as he could be. Bailey is an old soul but his inner puppy comes out when you entice him to play. He loves to romp around and play but not as much as this boy loves to cuddle. As much as he would love to snuggle up in bed with his human companion, he will happily go in his crate for the evening snooze. He is crated when left alone for an extended period of time. He is occasionally allowed to roam free when we are out for short timeframes.

He needs a little work on the leash. He will pull at the start of the walk but gradually calms down for a more comfortable stroll about halfway through. He enjoys "hunting" for birds, bugs and anything else that moves! He is curious about new things but not fearful. If you have a treat in your hand, you can teach him anything. He knows sit, down, high five, shake, kiss and wait. He is a very fast learner.

Bailey loves to cuddle up to his human companions. He likes to get as close as he can for all his nuzzles and snuggles. He loves to lay his head on your knee and get a few scratches behind the ear and kisses on the nose!

Bailey is just as sweet as they come. He is a great dog and very easy to love. If you want a canine companion that loves to play but also likes to cuddle and snooze on the couch, he is the one for you. This fuzzy faced setter will make your heart melt.


Steve, Teri and Miss Sophia Sauer hope that sweet Bailey is cuddling with his forever family very soon!